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FAIRBORN — Rob Weingartner, a Cincinnatti-area photographer and painter, will demonstrate “Intuitive Interpretations” of photography at the March 7 meeting of the Fairborn Art Association.

A graduate of the Central Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnatti, Weingartner has been an art director, graphic designer and illustrator for more than 30 years. He’s developed sales materials, product and packaging design, and characters and illustrations for childrens and ‘tween markets. During the last 20 years, he’s also worked as a jeweler and lapidary artist, doing fine art shows and selling his work to galleries.

Three years ago, Weingartner said, after a disastrous fire destroyed his home and all of his work and portfolios, he found himself returning to painting. He’s now working in acrylics and painting.

“the things I want to paint: birds, landscapes, and flowers,working on the play of light and color with direct techniques and spontaneity,” he said, adding that he feels he’s found a new direction.

For the demonstration, to be held at 7 p.m. in the Fairborn Art Association Gallery, Weingarten will explain how he takes his favorite photos and interprets them into acrylics. The public is welcome to attend, free of charge. The gallery is located at 221 North Central Avenue.

Those wanting more information about the FAA or to become a member are welcome to check out the website at www.fairbornart.org.

Fairborn Daily Herald

Story courtesy of the Fairborn Art Association.

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