2017: Year of the Trail


XENIA — Honoring the impact the paved trail network offers Greene County, the Board of Greene County Commissioners recently resolved that 2017 will now be known as “Year of the Trail in Greene County” in recognition of its contributions to the region as well as three major trail events being hosted in the region.

Offering 62 miles of paved trails, Greene County is an integral part of the nation’s largest network of paved trails with Xenia Station known as Mile Marker Zero with four of five county paved trails converging at the historic site.

Greene County offers the Little Miami Scenic Trail, Creekside Trail, Ohio-to-Erie Trail, Xenia-Jamestown Connector and the Wright Brother Huffman Prairie Trail.

“Greene County trails attract more than one million users annually,” said Greene County Commissioner President Bob Glaser. “Both local residents and visitors of all ages, backgrounds and varying abilities enjoy the paved trails 365 days a year.”

The Greene County paved trail network, as well as its 36 miles of river trails and 12 miles of hiking trails, is managed by Greene County Parks & Trails.

The paved trail network serves multiple purposes in Greene County.

“Our paved trail network serves as transportation corridor and invigorates our communities through economic development and growth,” said Greene County Commissioner Vice President Tom Koogler. “Trails also offer a venue for healthy activity at no or low cost to residents and visitors.”

The greater-Greene County region will also host the following local, regional and international trail events in 2017: Buckeye TrailFest (April 27-30, Yellow Springs), Miami Valley Cycling Summit (May 5, Wright State University), Miami Valley Cycling Summit Century Ride (May 6, Little Miami Scenic Trail — South), International Trails Symposium (May 7-10, Dayton Convention Center) and Greene Trails Cycling Classic (July 13-16, Xenia).

“Greene County lies within the heart of the trail network in Ohio,” Greene County Commissioner Alan Anderson said, “and is proud to host numerous events honoring the role all trails play in the lives of our residents.”

For more information about the paved trails, river trails, hiking trails or any of the trail events, contact Greene County Parks & Trails at 937-562-6440, email [email protected] or visit www.gcparkstrails.com.


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Story courtesy of Greene County Parks & Trails.

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