Steadfastness — the cure for “mind gallop”


Colossians 3:2 “Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.”

The mind is a crazy thing! It is often jumpy and unsteady. Thoughts, like wild horses, can grab the bit from the mind and gallop away to places unknown, taking the unsuspecting rider with them.

How many times have you been concentrating on an important task when you suddenly find your thoughts in a completely different place? More than once I have begun something only to realize sometime later that I never finished the job – like the numerous times I have gone to the basement to retrieve a canned good, only to forget why I was there. Or how about the times a loved one is unusually late coming home on a stormy night, and in a matter of minutes the mind has carried you crying to an open funeral casket!

Multi-tasking, daydreams, and wild imagination lead to this kind of behavior, though usually without much harm. But other types of mind wandering can be devastating. An auction clerk who succumbs to a moment of “mind gallop” can cost the company a missed bid with financial repercussions. A soldier on guard who forgets to focus on the unseen enemy can be caught unawares when an attacker assaults his position. Daydreaming during a test might lead to a low grade or even failure. But one of the worst backlashes of “mind gallop” occurs in the spiritual world.

We all have minds that gravitate towards the ungodly. Anger, wrath, malice, slander, and abusive speech are qualities we don’t have to develop: they come naturally. When we are born into God’s family we have new values. Our Father in heaven tells us to set our minds on the things above instead of the things that come naturally on earth. We must put aside the old thought patterns and develop steadfast minds renewed to the image of the One who created us.

Our hearts desire to do this, but regularly circumstances or feelings grab the bits of our minds and … off we go. Before we know it we are galloping off with angry thoughts towards someone who has harmed us, lustful thoughts towards an off-limits attraction, or covetous thoughts towards another’s possession. And wild, uncontrolled thoughts often lead to devastating words or actions.

In order to control this we must develop a steadfast mind. We must make a decision to focus on Christ and tune out all other distractions. We must hold the reins tight and always keep our drift toward things of the world in check as we seek to remain in tune with God. This kind of self-control will result in a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience no matter the circumstances or distractions.

The mind is a really crazy thing! Every day we must keep it under control so we don’t give in to even the smallest hint of “mind gallop.” Instead let the word of Christ dwell richly with in you, and then the peace of God will hold the reins of your heart. — Love, Mama

By Sandra Sheridan

Sandra Sheridan is a Midwest wife and mother of five. She shares her letters to her children with our readers. Visit her at

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