Trustees discuss recycling locations


MAD RIVER TOWNSHIP – A new recycling drop-off location may soon be established for residents in Mad River Township.

According to Township Trustee President Kathy Estep, the Clark County Solid Waste District is interested in partnering with township trustees to locate a recycling drop-off site that would consist of two regular recycling bins and one bin solely for cardboard. The three bins would resemble trash dumpsters but would be marked with a recycling symbol, denoting that the bins are for recyclable materials only.

“The Clark County Solid Waste District is leading this effort and has negotiated with Rumpke Waste and Recycling for this service,” Estep said during the Jan. 17 township meeting.

Estep explained that the solid waste district would provide the recycling containers, pay for weekly pickup service, install any signage and fencing if needed, and provide staffing to manage the site. She also noted that the materials would be picked up more often if necessary.

“People have to pay extra for recycling bins in most places, but this service would be at no cost to the township or residents,” said Estep.

According to Estep, the Clark County Solid Waste District hopes to sign a one-year contract with the township for collecting the recyclables, which would help the solid waste district meet recycling mandates imposed by the Ohio Environmental Protective Agency. The township would also receive $8.50 for each ton of recyclables.

“The contract would include the option to opt out of the contract at any time if any problems developed with this service,” Estep noted.

Township Trustee Joe Catanzaro said he thought the concept was good. However, the township trustees would have to agree on a permanent location and the hours of operation.

“We could have a drop-off site at either the township garage on Snider Road or in a designated area behind the township fire and EMS department,” Catanzaro said. “I believe we need to establish the hours of operation between dawn and dusk as well.”

Township Trustee Robert McClure Jr. expressed his concerns about the security and safety of the bins.

“Someone would have to monitor these bins, and I am concerned that open lids on the bins could cause an issue with blowing debris,” said McClure.

The township trustees agreed that once a location is established, recycling guidelines would be posted at the site. Recyclable materials that will be accepted include paper products, such as newspapers and inserts, magazines and catalogs, junk mail and envelopes, phone books, paper grocery bags, cereal and snack boxes, clean pizza boxes, and flattened cardboard. Glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, and jugs will also be allowed. Other materials that will be accepted include aluminum cans, aerosol cans with their lids and tips removed, metal cans and lids, tin cans, and cartons for juice, milk, broth, cream, and egg substitutes.

Estep stated that no garbage, motor oil, paint, food, yard waste, plastic bags, electronics, buckets, pots or pans, syringes, light bulbs, drinking glasses, batteries, car parts, ceramics or dishes, scrap metal, any type of tires or video tapes would be accepted. In addition, residents are asked not to place recyclables in a plastic bag.

“These bins will basically be available for paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum containers that residents usually separate from their trash,” Estep said. “We want to make sure our residents’ recycling efforts render good results.”

By Linda Collins

Fairborn Daily Herald

Linda Collins is a freelance reporter for Greene County News.

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