Roadway pattern changing Monday


FAIRBORN — The neighborhood roadways of Ohio Street, South Street and Greene Street will be right-turn only onto Broad Street beginning Monday, Jan. 23. Left turns from Broad Street onto those streets will be prohibited. These roadway changes will be in effect for 90 days as part of a traffic pattern study by the City of Fairborn Engineering Division.

Since the relocation of State Route 444, the residential neighborhood adjacent to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Gate 1A has experienced a growing and excessive amount of through traffic. The Fairborn Police Department has monitored the area by performing directed patrols, recording traffic counts and conducting speed measurements.

The traffic counts on Ohio Street showed more than 1,600 vehicles per day, which exceeds what was intended for this roadway. The data was then presented to the Traffic Safety Committee and it was determined that efforts needed to be made to reduce traffic.

A public meeting was held in November 2016 to discuss measures that had already been done and next steps. Feedback from residents suggested that whatever temporary traffic changes would occur to Ohio Street should be replicated on both Greene Street and South Street.

The Engineering Division determined that temporary barricades on all three streets restricting movement, except for right turns onto Broad Street, would be enacted for a minimum of 30 days. Traffic counts will be taken, and additional measures may be implemented depending on the results.

Through streets and residential streets are two different types of roadways. Through streets are roadways designed to give preference to the movement of vehicular traffic. Residential streets on the other hand are designed for relatively uniform low volumes of traffic and take into consideration pedestrian access. Residential streets should also provide for livability and safety of those in the neighborhood.

Engineering’s goal is to bring the traffic levels down to an acceptable level by utilizing the least restrictive and most cost effective countermeasures, while considering the safety, desires and expectations of the neighborhood.

Individuals with questions should call 937-754-3055.

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Story courtesy of the City of Faiborn.

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