Getting the job done for Ohio


Ohioans, regardless of political party, expect their elected officials to represent the best interests of their constituents and to produce results on their behalf. When it comes to my work as a senator, the state of Ohio always comes first.

Medill News Service recently released an article in which I ranked fourth on its list of senators with the most bills passed during the last congress, sponsoring or co-sponsoring more than 20 bills that have been enacted into law.

I’m committed to working with my colleagues, both Republicans and Democrats, to effectively serve the people I was elected to represent. By reaching across the aisle, I am able to successfully pass legislation that will benefit Ohioans.

For example, I worked with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to include provisions to support veterans and their families. President Obama signed the Veterans Health Care and Benefits Act into law in December, helping to protect our nation’s heroes and honor them with the benefits they deserve.

Doing right by our veterans is not a Democratic issue or a Republican issue – it’s an American value. It’s our responsibility. This law will serve as an example of the important work that can get done to actually make life better for the people we work for – but only when both parties work together.

When you and your neighbors write my office, you aren’t thinking about whether I’m a Republican or Democrat. You’re thinking about the loss of a job, a bill you’re struggling to pay, or the crumbling road you drive to school or work each day.

My job is to serve you, and to do that I’ve got to seek out common ground with my colleagues. We aren’t always successful, but striking up bipartisan conversations on the issues facing our constituents is the first step to passing legislation.

The legislation I champion in Congress is often the result of interactions and input from Ohioans seeking to make our state an even better place to live. I’m proud that so much of this legislation was signed into law last Congress. As we start a new year and a new session of Congress, I will continue my work to serve you, whether through the legislative process, constituent casework, or by always standing up for our state and the issues that impact its citizens.

By Sen. Sherrod Brown

Sherrod Brown represents Ohio in the Senate and is a guest columnist.

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