Route changes for CATS


By Anna Bolton

[email protected]

GREENE COUNTY — Greene CATS Public Transit now has new schedules for its five flex routes.

Woody Stroud, Chair of the Greene County Transit Board, announced at the regular Thursday commissioners’ meeting that CATS not only has new routes, but is also looking into adding five more vehicles to its fleet.

Greene CATS is serving different parts of the county via five flex routes: the Xenia Circulator (Green Line), Beavercreek Circulator (Orange Line), Fairborn Circulator (Blue Line), Xenia/Yellow Springs/Fairborn Connector (Yellow Line), and Dayton Connector (Red Line).

According to Stroud, the service is intended to provide transportation to people who do not have other methods transportation or can’t use transportation because of wheelchairs. Riders may include students, senior citizens, individuals needing agency services, people searching for employment or needing rides to their jobs. CATS also contracts with Greene County Board of Developmental Disabilities and Greene County Job & Family Services.

The objective for the updated flex routes is to increase service efficiency and allow more breaks for drivers.

“Our drivers go above and beyond,” Stroud said.

Currently, CATS operates with 45 vehicles and is looking to increase to 50 vehicles by the end of 2017. The current fleet consists of 18-passenger vehicles that can accommodate wheelchairs and mini vehicles which hold five passengers each. Mid-size, eight to 11 passenger vans are on the list next. All vehicles are ADA accessible.

Adding vehicles is important, Stroud said, so as to not turn down any potential riders.

Individuals can board at any of the “time point” places on the defined flex routes without reservations. Service hours are Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Alternatively, individuals can flag down the CATS vehicle at any place along the route, as long as it is a safe point and not on a road where vehicles are traveling over 35 mph. The cost of a flex route ride is $1.50 each way per person, or $.75 for children under 13, elderly or disabled. Monthly passes are also available, $40 regular fare and $20 reduced fare.

In addition to flex route services, scheduled rides are available at specific locations Monday through Sunday, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Reservations are required for these.

To arrange transportation, call the scheduling office at 937-708-8322 or 877-227-2287. For a complete passenger guide with detailed information and flex route schedules, visit the Greene CATS Public Transit page at

Reach Anna Bolton at 937-502-4498.

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