Fairborn Municipal Court


Fairborn Daily Herald

Nov. 17

Anthony B. Freeman, 1214 Pacific Ave., Everett, Wash., guilty reckless operat, $265 fines, 30 days, 22 suspended. No future similar violations for one year.

Summer S. Sizemore, 108 South Point, Fairborn, guilty petty theft, $265 fines, 180 days, 179 suspended. Supervised community control for two years. Assessment for drug-alcohol. Good behavior two years. Banned from all Kohl’s stores for two years.

Haili L. Jones, 2501 Rondowa Ave., Apt. 1, Dayton, guilty petty theft, $265 fines, 180 days, 178 suspended. Supervised community control up to two years. Assessment for drug and/or alcohol and follow-up. Good behavior for two years banned from all Elder Beerman and Mall at Fairfield Commons.

Rachael R. Carpenter, 224 Orville St., Apt. 24, Fairborn, guilty unauth use prop, $265 fines, 30 days, 30 suspended. Good behavior for two years. Complete 16 hours of community service. Pay restitution.

Monica M. Key, 123 Elder Drive, Apt. C, Fairborn, guilty neg. assault, $265 fines, 60 days, 57 suspended. Up to two years supervised community control & anger management. Drug-alcohol assessment and follow-up. Good behavior for two years.

Fairborn Municipal Court report compiled from completed cases occurring in Beavercreek and Fairborn. Report compiled by Emily Day.

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