Fairborn Municipal Court


Fairborn Daily Herald

Nov. 15

Jordan W. Price, 225 Orville St., Apt. 6, Fairborn, no contest resist arrest, $265 fines, 90 days, 60 suspended. Supervised community control two years. Good behavior for two years.

Abdulaziz O. Alsubhi, 1466 Spicetree Circle, Apt. 101, Fairborn, guilty OVI, $490 fines, 180 days, 177 suspended. Complete three-day driver intervention program. Up to two years of supervised community control. Drug-alcohol assessment and follow-up.

Brandon L. Simpson, 20 W Bonomo Drive, Fairborn, guilty OVI, $490 fines, 180 days, 176 suspended. Remanded for three days. Up to three years supervised probation with assessment drug-alcohol with follow-up. Good behavior for three years. Alcohol monitor for 60 days.

Nov. 16

Robert C. Waters, 3307 Outdoor Road, Moraine, guilty petty theft, $265 fines, 180 days, 160 suspended. Good behavior for two years. Banned from all Wal-mart stores for two years.

Fairborn Municipal Court report compiled from completed cases occurring in Beavercreek and Fairborn. Report compiled by Emily Day.

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