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WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE — Dr. Som R. Soni, a retired associate professor of the Air Force Research of Technology, has recently published “An Introduction to Aeronautical Structures for Managers.”

It aims to review engineering basics of advanced metallic and composite materials in aircraft and cover properties and failure mechanisms, including creep, fatigue, stress, buckling and more.

Soni, who earned a Ph.D in mathematics, conducts research and aimed to teach with a focus on analytical and experimental mechanics of composite materials, reliability and systems engineering as well as structural health modeling. He is the author or co-author of more than 100 articles and presentations.

Soni said he was inspired to write the book after he saw a need. Soni hopes the book will provide an accessible introduction to the structure and analysis of materials used in aircraft and space vehicles for individuals trained in fields outside aeronautical and materials science such as managers, supervisors, inspectors and contractors.

He highlighted that “An Introduction to Aeronautical Structures for Managers” is aimed to help individuals working within the field but lacking all the technical knowledge, as it will provide information that will allow them to understand terms better in case something happens and the need to communicate effectively arises. He said it is the only book of its kind.

“An Introduction to Aeronautical Structures for Managers” is 197 pages, costing $16.95, and grew from a textbook utilized by students who wish to understand systems engineering at the AFIT.

The book highlights materials and performance in practical and non-mathematical terms, while offering key nomenclature and formulas. It explains the numerous structures used for aerospace materials, its properties and how these properties are defined and tested. Such information is needed to understand the design and performance of aircraft components.

It is available for purchase on Amazon, AuthorHouse and Barnes and Noble.

Greene County News Report compiled by Whitney Vickers.

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