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FAIRBORN — The City of Fairborn Engineering Division recently held a public meeting for residents regarding the cut-through traffic on Ohio Street that has been ongoing since late 2012, when State Route 444 was rerouted. As a result of the public input, Fairborn is modifying its temporary street closure plans for the neighborhood.

Feedback received at the meeting suggested that whatever temporary traffic changes occurred on Ohio Street should also be applied to Greene Street and South Street. Residents indicated that if only one received a temporary closure it would simply divert drivers to switch to parallel streets. Multiple residents wanted to continue to have access out of the neighborhood to northbound Broad Street. Others stated that motorists would use Wright Avenue to cut-through from Dayton Drive to Central Avenue when the three aforementioned streets were closed.

Based on the information received, as well as a review by the Engineering Division, the proposal for temporary traffic changes is as follows:

– Right Turn Only Exit (Test Period #1): temporary barricades will be placed on Greene, Ohio, and South Streets at Broad Street restricting all movement except westbound right turns. There will also be a temporary barricade blocking all median opening on Broad Street between Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Gate 1A and Dayton Drive. This traffic change will be kept in place for a minimum of 30 days.

– Full Closures (Test Period #2): place temporary barricades on Greene, Ohio and South at Broad Street restricting all movements. If it is determined that the right turn only exit is effective and safe in stopping the cut-through traffic, testing of more restrictive measures will not be necessary.

– Additional Temporary Traffic Changes: traffic counts will be taken during Test Periods 1 and 2. If any traffic on any of the interior neighborhood streets is found to be too high, additional temporary traffic changes may be implemented in an attempt to reduce those specific traffic levels. Residential feedback will also be reviewed.

Fairborn Engineer Don O’Connor said due to reduced holiday traffic fromschool breaks and WPAFB employee time off, the temporary traffic change would be scheduled to begin on Jan. 23, 2017, so that accurate data can be collected with regard to traffic counts. The maximum time period anticipated for the temporary traffic changes is 90 days. At the end of the test period, engineering may propose a permanent solution for the consideration of the residents, city council and the city manager.

Engineering’s goal is to bring the traffic levels down to an acceptable level by utilizing the least restrictive and most cost effective countermeasures, while considering the safety, desires and expectations of the neighborhood.

Any questions regarding these upcoming changes can be responded to by calling 937-754-3055.

Story courtesy of the City of Fairborn.

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