Letters to the editor


Stiring things up


I am somewhat afraid to stir things up but here it goes. It seems to me (Sorry Mr. Taylor) that many of the pictures in the Gazette of the bad condition of the high school and Warner could have been taken care of by proper maintenance, repair or replacement in a timely manner. Wouldn’t it have been more prudent to fix that roof drain or replace that boiler when it was needed as part of a yearly maintenance program?

It makes me question what will be the condition of new Tecumseh, Shawnee, etc. in 20 years. Do we have enough money in the maintenance category ? Is that a separate category that cannot be added to? It almost seems like you let them deteriorate and then point out all the problems and say it will be cheaper to build a new one. Do you take your car in for maintenance or drive it till it falls apart? It seems to me a well built buildings life span should be more than 40 years.

And one more shot before I sign off. Ever wonder why the proposed building site hasn’t already been developed? There are problems with high water tables and flooding. I can recall a couple of times of seeing the area covered with water. Well anyway , that’s what it seems to me Don Harner.

— Don Harner of Xenia

Thank you to the communities


On behalf of our team, I write to thank the Xenia, Bellbrook, and Bevercreek area communities and residents of Greene County for their positive vote for Issue 22 supporting Greene Memorial Hospital. We appreciate your investment in the vital services that Greene offers to more than 100,000 patients every year, and your confidence in our role to help keep Greene County one of the healthiest in the State of Ohio.

Greene’s mission is to improve the health of the communities we serve. Whether through our emergency, inpatient or outpatient services, our team is committed to offering the best and safest of care, ready to serve when you need us. We were recently honored by The Leapfrog Group with an “A” grade for patient safety, truly a validation of the commitment our team shows this county every day to every patient, every time. What a privilege and honor to take care of our friends and neighbors.

Thank you for making this a great community in which to serve.

— Rick Dodd, President of Soin Medical Center and Greene Memorial Hospital

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