Bath Township passes levy


By Whitney Vickers

[email protected]

BATH TOWNSHIP — Bath Township citizens voted in support of Issue 11, funding the maintenance and improvement roads, streets and bridges throughout the area, by more than 13 percent percent or 265 votes after all the votes in each precinct were counted.

Bath Township Trustee Chairman Tom Pitstick thanked the voters and was happy with the results.

“[Issue 11’s passage] means we will have additional money to maintain the roads,” he said. “The state has cut money from … local governments over the last several years, [Bath Township has lost] approximately $200,000 per year so we’re looking to replace that to continue the maintenance and improvement of the roads.”

The addition is worth 2.2 mills over a period of five years, generating $200,000 per year. A Bath Township citizen owning with a $100,000 property will pay $77 per year.

According to Bath Township Fiscal Officer Elaine Brown, this is the first time Bath Township voters have been asked to approve an addition. If it would have failed, Bath Township citizens would have seen delayed road maintenance. More than 56 percent of the voters cast ballots in support of Issue 11, while more than 43 percent voted against it.

“It’s their (citizens) roads,” Pitstick said. “I’m glad they had the foresight to give additional money to maintain them.”

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