Note to self: Never say never


Remember the first Bond, James Bond played extremely well by actor Sean Connery?

Well, after six Bond films, Connery had enough and proclaimed about reprising the role, ‘never again.’

Well, he ate his words playing 007 one more time in the aptly titled film, Never Say Never Again.’

I’m in the same boat because in an earlier column right here, I said with pride that I’m not discussing politics and if anyone posts anything which comes close to a political view, you and I would not be ‘friends’ until November 9.

So, I was a little curious and asked our fine readers via Facebook to pretend the election is over and what the country would look like if their candidate won.

Also, asking everyone be civil. Hey, a fella can dream right.

Without further ado, here goes nothing.

Shelli writes, ‘I’ll probably be huddled in the corner crying.’

Cynthia adds, ‘To Canada!’

Linda is short, sweet, to the point, ‘President Hillary!’

Jimmie chimes in with, ‘Regardless of political choice. Please don’t put your hopes in any one candidate. Put that hope into yourself. It will yield much better results.’

Great advice James. Libby though says we’re doomed, ’To hell in a hand basket.’

Brad says, ‘If mine won, the entire political establishment would be shocked that a third-party candidate could become president.’ Aleppo? What’s Aleppo? lol

Thomas writes, ‘Since my favorite candidate is a write-in I would be saying, “Miracles still happen!’

Says Pat, ‘I hope it was a clean, untampered election!!’

Don’s take, ‘Hopefully towards less government and more WE THE PEOPLE CONTROL! President TRUMP!!!’ We keep adding more exclamation points.

Tim has a dim view, ‘Nowhere. No matter who wins, another 4 years of the same. This country is divided 50/50, with everyone convinced that their ideas are correct and the other side is evil.’

It is a bit daunting isn’t it?

Noni says, ‘To answer your question, where will I be? Out rigging up something positive to do.’ Noni, I may join you.

Andy simply says, ‘Forward.’ We can only hope.

Jamie? ‘I voted Anti Establishment…. Go Trump …. and please put term limits on these life time crooked politicians.’ How do you really feel Jamie?

Angi thinks like a lot of folks, ‘We the people, keep complaining about the same ol’, same ol’, and yet we vote them back in election after election.’

Joanne is pulling a Rip Van Winkle, ‘I’m just going to take a 4-year long nap and hope that when I wake up – we’ve picked better candidates for the next election.’ Pleasant dreams my friend.

Melodie says, ‘I believe Hillary Clinton, our first female president, will make health care and quality education for our children a priority — and good things will come from it.’

Perry retorts, ‘If your voting for because she is the first female…. that’s nuts…Wait on a classier person.’

Melodie fires back, ‘I’m voting in the way that most aligns with the issues important to me. Thanks for the negativity.’

So much for civility.

Jim writes, ‘Let’s see how many promises will be broken, that’ll be the easier thing to keep track of.’

Steve has a more practical view, ‘The country is not going anywhere…it’s always been here, except for that tectonic plate thing that happened a long time ago, but nevertheless whoever wins, here we are.’

Tom seems optimistic, ‘Our economy seems to do fairly well with a Democratic President and Republican Controlled Congress.’

Linda says, ‘We’re building a WALL!’ and Kristy adds, ‘A revolution!’ Can you buy pitch forks and torches at Home Depot?

Cathy hopes eternal, ‘Pray that the people in Washington can put aside their differences and actually pass something that will help our people. Since when did compromising become such a horrible thing.’

Theresa has a good point, ‘My biggest concern is that Trump has incited a lot of fear and anger. What happens to all of that pent up rage when he loses?’ See pitchfork comment above.

Doug says normalcy will return, ‘Back to discussing Brock Turner’s short sentence for rape.’

Linda is an optimist, ‘Well, really, which ever candidate wins, I want America to return to respecting all people, of slowing down and being kind to one another. I want all people/parties to be honest and civil. I am asking for peace!’

Samantha thinks sunny, ‘At the end of the day we are still the greatest country on Earth.’

I think we’ll leave it at that.

Cheers and remember to VOTE! — Buch

By Jim Bucher

Jim Bucher is a local radio personality, resident and guest columnist.

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