Letters to the Editor


Fairborn Deserves New Schools


This letter is in support of the Fairborn School Tax Levy. A city’s schools are either an attraction or a distraction to future homebuyers and businesses looking for a new home. The Fairborn Primary School and the Fairborn Intermediate School are not attractive selling points to potential buyers. In spite of efforts of custodians and teachers, the buildings are hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The rodents and insects are almost impossible to eliminate because of the cracks in the building. The restrooms rarely function 100 percent of the time. This problem alone takes valuable educational time as classes wait to use restrooms.

We have waited patiently for new buildings. Now is the time to vote for the levy and make our schools something we can be proud of!

— Sherry Smith, Fairborn

Say yes to the hospital


Each year, thousands of Greene County residents rely on Greene Memorial Hospital for emergency room care, cancer and stroke treatment, and cardiac procedures and rehab services. Last year alone GMH served over 22,000 emergency room patients and 96,000 outpatient visits.

On November 8, our votes for Issue 22 will keep Greene Memorial Hospital working for residents who rely on vital local healthcare. Issue 22 is not a tax increase – it’s a renewal of an existing levy. Local property owners will continue to pay about $1.25 per month per $100,000 of property value.

Please join me in protecting these vital health care services for Greene County residents who need them without raising our taxes. Vote for Issue 22 on or before Tuesday, November 8.

— Phil Houston, Beavercreek

Xenia students deserve the best


I grew up in Xenia, and I have been proud of that fact all of my life. I was blessed to have attended Xenia schools and to have been taught by great teachers. I went to Kentucky Christian College to become a teacher, but I wanted to come back to teach in Xenia schools.

I found my first job in Springfield City, but I still wanted to return to Xenia Schools to teach in our community and with our children. Four years later my wish came true, and I began teaching here where my heart wanted to be. My husband and I wanted to raise our children in Xenia, in Xenia schools, where all three have now graduated and are sitting in college classrooms because of the excellence and dedication of Xenia teachers.

I now want you to vote for Issue 21 to give the next generation of Xenia children the best schools that are available because Xenia children deserve the best.

— Leigh Ann Meeks, Xenia

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