Letters to the Editor


Yes to Issue 19


Do you bank the same way you did 30-40 years ago? I bet things have changed. You have an ATM card, drive-thru lanes, and online banking.

Does your car have the same the “bells and whistles” it had 30 years ago? Probably not. The car you drive today has air-conditioning for comfort, Bluetooth technology for communication, and anti-lock brakes for safety.

Do you use the same processes, tools and resources to do your job? There are just too many examples to mention about how jobs of every shape and kind have changed. Many things have changed in the past 30 years, but Fairborn City Schools have not. The children of Fairborn are asked to “go to work” every day in buildings that are not designed or able to support learning the content and skills they need to secure jobs and become contributing members of the community.

We can point fingers about why this happened or we can do something about it. I grew up in this community and made the decision to raise my family in Fairborn. But if changes aren’t made, I can’t say that I want my future grandchildren to do the same.

On Nov. 8, vote yes to support funding to build new schools that will add value to the community for years to come. Please put our kids first and vote yes on Issue 19.

— Tricia Renner, Cindy Cherpeski, Fairborn

Say yes to Issue 22


Sometimes we learn things the hard way. We had not really thought about the importance of reliable, up-to-date emergency healthcare services nearby until we needed it. You never know when access to local, high quality emergency care may be needed. We’re grateful that the exceptional doctors and nurses of Greene Memorial Hospital were there when our family needed them.

Last year, more than 22,000 residents used Greene Memorial emergency services, so we are not alone in our gratitude.

Accordingly, we ask you to join us in voting for Issue 22 to keep those critical emergency services available here in Greene County for those who need them.

Issue 22 is not a tax increase. Please vote for Issue 22 on or before Election Day, Nov. 8.

— John & Ann Finlay, Xenia

Anybody else please


Hillary Clinton proposes tax increases on 5 percent of the population who pay 78 percent of federal taxes, what about the 47 percent who pay zero tax? Elimination of tax loopholes have yet to be addressed. Could it be the Clintons would not have been able to write-off $700,000 in 2015, $10 million paid to Paula Jones or 70 percent of the millions of dollars donated to The Clinton Foundation declared as expenses?

Hillary prides herself on the accomplishments as Secretary of State: 1 – You cannot account for $6 billion during your tenure. 2 – Kept the lowest military allocations since World War II. 3 – After a multi-million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation, you approved the sale of 20 percent of US uranium to a Canadian who res-old it to Russia. Who’s in bed with Putin?4 – Ignored 600 emails for Benghazi re-enforcement. But at this point what difference does it make only four men were murdered and you had the audacity to lie to their families when the bodies are being removed from the plan. 5 – The protection you left Morocco, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and the rest of the civil world against Obama’s JV Team.

Hillary and the Democrats need to be commended on the countless landmarks attributed to the Obama regime: 1 – Doubling the national debt $20 trillion; 2 – True unemployment exceeding 20 percent; 3 – 1.5 percent economic growth; 4 – bankrupting the coal industry; 5 – clean air and climate control fiasco; 6 – forcing America into a health plan with 100 percent premium increases with half the coverage and exclude yourselves; 7 – IRS probes into conservative parties; 8 – Destruction of 33,000 emails and using your personal server for classified information; 9 – The inept FBI investigation, Justice Department amnesties and more in seven and a half years.

Anybody by the Clintons or Democrats (ABCD).

— Wayne Allen, Xenia

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