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YELLOW SPRINGS — The Village of Yellow Springs is under contract with Design Nine for the development of a broadband needs assessment and business plan.

Design Nine will work with the village to put together the information needed to intelligently evaluate the potential of broadband infrastructure, including Fiber To The Home investments by the Village of Yellow Springs. To fully understand local needs, Design Nine will survey current broadband access and future needs and work closely with the village and key stakeholders to produce a road map and strategy for success.

Their strategies will focus on economic development and take into account the broad impact that enhanced broadband services can have on education, public safety and healthcare. Enhanced broadband, especially high performance fiber, can have a far reaching impact on the quality of life, especially for those who seek to work at home even part time.

Design Nine’s final report to the Village of Yellow Springs will include the following information:

– Gaps in current broadband availability both in coverage and pricing.

– Analysis of how the business climate is impacted by current broadband coverage and rates.

– Detailed financial model.

– Detailed cost estimate of delivering fiber to the village.

– Management and operations roles, responsibilities and tasks for a municipal network.

– Realistic and sustainable funding strategy.

As part of this project, they will be meeting with key stakeholders to assess their current and future needs. The Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce hopes to see the community be involved with the project. A member of the project team, Jack Maytum, will be in town next week to meet with local businesses of all sizes and types to gather input.

Several stakeholder meetings are being scheduled, including the following on Thursday, Nov. 3 at the Bryan Center in Rooms A&B:

– 9 a.m., downtown merchants and hospitality;

– 11 a.m., businesses, non-hospitality or retail.

Community members are welcome to attend either meeting, but if they are unable to make it at these times and want to participate, let the Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce know so that it can make alternative arrangements.

The Village of Yellow Springs wants as many voices as possible to be heard and the Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce recognizes the significance of this opportunity for the entire community, especially its businesses. Let us know of your interest by emailing [email protected].

Story courtesy of the Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce.

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