Letters to the editor


Vote yes on Issue 19


Our turn … Our kids … Our community. For almost 20 years, school districts across the state of Ohio have been eligible for and stepping up to the the plate to build new facilities for their children to learn.

Fairborn City Schools had to wait for their turn on the list. It is finally here! We have the opportunity to build two new buildings for our children. And the great news is that we do not have to do it alone. The state will give us 40 percent of the cost to build two buildings for our youngest students in the district, a building for grades pre-K through second and a building for grades three through five. It’s our turn! The state will pay for $23,452,778. If we do not take advantage of the opportunity this year, it will be years before our district becomes eligible for such money again.

Anyone who has been in the Fairborn Primary School [otherwise known as Five Points Elementary School] building or the Intermediate School [otherwise known as Palmer South Elementary School] building lately knows that this tremendous opportunity comes none too soon. Our schools are past repair. Our students deserve new schools for a safe learning environment.

We have an amazing community of people who believe in our children, who know how supporting our children can, in turn, support the growth and value of our homes and community businesses — and who know the value and importance of a good education beginning from the preschool age.

Please come to the polls and vote yes for the Fairborn City Schools on Nov. 8!

— Dottie Meade, Fairborn

School plan eliminates duplication


The school board decided to proceed with a combined middle and high school building plan. This plan consists of a single site with middle and high school students in separate wings of the buildings and shared spaces between.

This plan will eliminate duplicating costly mechanical systems and spaces like the kitchen, cafeteria, gymnasium and auditorium. It will also increase curriculum options and give younger students greater access to advance courses. And without voter approval of the bond issue, the $28 million of state money goes away.

I support Issue 21 and I encourage you to support it too.

— Brian Stephan, Xenia

Issue 21 an appropriate tax request


Although we do not like taxes, an exception must be made when the expenditure is prudent, and provides a tremendous benefit to our children and community.

Xenia has the opportunity to replace existing structures that are not physically capable of providing a quality education in the 21st century.

Vote yes for Issue 21 Nov. 8.

— Pete and Ingrid Stephan, Xenia

Say no to direct election of mayor


The original concept considered by the Beavercreek Council for direct election of a mayor was a mayor and council elected for four-year terms with no term limits. After much debate and discussions, term limits was removed from the current ballot language we are to vote upon and Council would recommend only the direct election of a mayor.

During the debate to go forth with the issue of direct election of the mayor only, council had many discussions on future changes to our charter concerning the mayor. These discussions included increasing the duties, powers, and salary of the mayor in addition to eliminating term limits for both the mayor and council. The issue of eliminating term limits, which council desperately desires never died away.

If this ballot issue passes, council will make another push to eliminate term limits for council and mayor, without which, several sitting members would not be able to run for mayor or council.

I urge a no vote for Beavercreek Issue 1 – Direct Election of Mayor. What we have works.

— Harold Lewis, Beavercreek

Say yes to GMH renewal


Issue 22 is as 2016 levy renewal for Greene County residents who benefit from the many services of Greene Memorial Hospital. Our hospital is vital to our community. Persons who need cancer treatment, stroke and cardiac care and emergency room care all benefit from the highest qualified doctors, nursed and therapists.

Please vote for Issue 22 to continue the quality health care that Greene Memorial Hosopital provides to our community. This issue has NO tax increase for residents,

— Mary Luttrell, GMH Auxiliary President

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