We need more greeting cards


I believe I’ve finally figured out what America needs to make it a much better country.

I think we need more all-purpose greeting cards.

As you know, there are already all kinds of greeting cards on department store shelves these days. Some are simple. A few are more complicated.

There are serious cards and humorous cards.

There are even so-called “all occasion” cards that allegedly cover everything from wedding anniveraries to birthday celebrations.

There are also cards that say “get well soon” and cards that carry messages like “congratulations on your new baby” and “welcome to the neighborhood.”

Over the years, humor has invaded the greeting card industry.

At a time in history when Americans seem hell-bent on variety, there are even all-purpose cards.

I’ve also seen birthday cards with Santa Claus on them and get-well cards with a sense of humor.

Not too long ago I found a get-well card in a store that had the verse “Roses are red, violets blue, pecans are nuts and so are you. Get well soon.”

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By Bob Batz

Bob Batz is a long-time journalist and weekly columnist. Contact Bob at [email protected].

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