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WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE — As more of Ohio’s agriculture and forested land is used for development and home building, deer hunters may struggle to locate and obtain permission to hunt, healthy, sustainable, wildlife habitat.

If you are a deer hunter, who happens to work at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the answer to the above conundrum is much closer than you might think.

The 2016 WPAFB deer hunting season officially opens Saturday, Sept. 24.

All active duty and retired military members, active and retired DOD civilian employees, members of the reserve components of the military, base contractors and immediate family members thereof, are eligible to hunt on base. Bona fide guests of any eligible hunter may also hunt; however, guests must be with a sponsor at all times when hunting.

“We average approximately 300 hunters annually, with a majority being deer hunters,” said Darryn Warner, Natural Resources Program manager for WPAFB. “Our seasons mirror the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife hunting seasons, except the second deer gun season is not permitted on base. And while rifle hunting is now permitted in Ohio, we do not permit rifle hunting on base.”

Hunters must comply with all applicable federal, state and base licensing requirements. Base hunting licenses are available for purchase at the Rod & Gun Club at a cost of $15. In addition to a base license, all hunters, regardless of age, must have in their possession a valid state of Ohio hunting license except for active duty military on annual leave. Hunters 16 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult.

All information pertaining to deer hunting in the state of Ohio can be found on the Ohio Department of Natural Resources:

“Along with a hunter being required to have all the necessary Ohio and Wright-Patt permits, we also require all archery hunters to pass a qualification test” said Warner, “The qualifications test involves placing four out of six shots into a target at 20 yards. It is our due diligence to ensure hunters have the necessary skill to take a deer.”

Archery qualification will be held 3-5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 18 at the Rod & Gun Club. Anyone not able to attend may contact the Natural Resources Program office via email: [email protected] or via telephone, 937-257-4857. Qualification opportunities will be scheduled as time allows, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

“Wright-Patt is a unique hunting opportunity” said Warner. “Bag limits are set by counties and if a hunter on-base is so inclined, they can actually hunt two counties, Greene and Montgomery, as we have areas to hunt in both Area A and B. Along with hunting within the perimeter fence, we also have opportunity to hunt land outside the fence.”

Hunting is permitted on base in designated hunting locations areas only. A map of these designated areas is posted annually in the Rod and Gun Club, Bldg. 892 in Area A.

“We expect our hunters to use common sense“ said Warner, “Along with following the rules and regulations we also expect people to be courteous to one another. Hunters need to keep in mind little issues like not setting up a tree stand within 75 yards of another hunter’s stand. We want everybody using base resources to be safe, responsible and to have a great time.”

All base employees interested in information on base hunting seasons, regulations, game seasons, maps, fees and more should visit the WPAFB Rod and Gun Club website:; phone, 937-257-3935. You can also sign-up for the Natural Resources Program office newsletter with the latest on hunting and other natural resource activities and events by sending contact information to Warner.

Additional information on WPAFB natural resources can be found by calling Natural Resources at 937-257-2273, or the Security Forces Game Warden at 937-257-8100.

Story courtesy of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

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