Fairborn Municipal Court


Fairborn Daily Herald

July 18

David W. Smith, 712 Free Road, New Carlisle, guilty OVI/Under Inf, $2,865 fines, 365 days, 288 suspended. 45 days house arrest. No future similar violations for three years. Supervised probation for up to three years. Assessment for alcohol and follow-up treatment. Vehicle forfeited pursuant to statute. Restricted plates and interlock.

George J. Bauer, 697 Sueden Drive, Beavercreek, guilty OVI/Under Inf, $1,740 fines, 180 days, 140 suspended. Assessment for alcohol. No future similiar violations two years. House arrest 30 days. Supervised community control two years. Restricted plates & interlock. 90 day immobilization.

Robert J. Hartings, 1724 Warner Ave., Dayton, guilty unauth use prop, $265 fines, 30 days, 30 suspended. No future similar violation for one year. Complete 16 hours of community service.

Samuel M. Benge, 6470 Fireside Drive, Centerville, guilty phys control, $1850 fines, 180 days, 177 suspended. No future similiar violations for two years. Three-day driver intervention program. Supervised community control two years. Six month license suspension.

Theodis W. Sloan, 234 Bohland Ave, Bellwood, Il., guilty reckless operat, $365 fines, 30 days, 30 suspended. No future similar violation for one year. Bmv fee waived.

Fairborn Municipal Court report compiled from completed cases occurring in Beavercreek and Fairborn. Report compiled by Emily Day. Please note that due to the large number of court reports and space constraints in print a large portion of July will be found online www.fairborndailyherald.com.

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