To vote or not to vote … is the question


By Jim Bucher

Well, this certainly has been a little different?

If this is your first election trust me it’s never been like this before.

On one hand Nov. 8, 2016 is historical as we either elect the first woman president or a first timer with no political experience.

Or will the American voting public surprise us all and cast ballots for a third party candidate?

We’ll know here soon, but hearing lots of rumblings from friends and acquaintances

they’re sitting this one out.

I mean, we’re all fed up with Washington gridlock, government waste, fraud and some would say ineptitude, but is not voting the right direction?

I can hear Thomas Jefferson spinning in his final resting place.

So, off to my Facebook peeps who are never at a loss for words to get their take. And people unlike this election process, let’s try to be civil.

Kimberly writes, “My reason in a nutshell for staying home on Election Day is neither of the 2 main candidates represents me. They represent the big corporations and the rich man. Never in a million years thought that Donald Trump could possibly be president. The whole world outside of this country is holding its breath and if he gets elected, I fear for the safety of every American. Hillary stole the election from Bernie Sanders. This is the first presidential year that I will be sitting out.”

Wow Kimberly, how do you really feel? LOL!

Tina says, “There simply isn’t a choice this election. Neither candidate is fit to be president. Trump is not qualified by any means and can’t seem to keep his foot out of his mouth. And Hillary, well she only cares about herself, money, and power. I’m Tina, and I approve this message.”

Kelly writes, “Best year ever to seriously consider a third party – which may, or may not, have unusually strong, stable candidates this year.”

Lawrence’ take, “I can understand how nonvoters feel, but we need them to vote for a Democratic House & Senate or else Social Security and Medicare will be destroyed by the Republicans with Trump in the White House….ugh. We simply can’t let that happen.”

Brad says, “I’m not sitting out the election but I’m voting 3rd party because neither of these nominees are fit for the Presidency. By the way, Bernie did know the rules going in and how the Democrats pre-stacked the deck for Hillary. They didn’t want a competitive primary system so they didn’t have one. The Republicans let way too many people run for President, and Trump (his celebrity status) was the last man standing. Trump’s candidacy was very good for ratings and website clicks, so the media encouraged it.”

And so it goes…

Wanda chimes in, “I am not sitting out, but I really don’t know what I am going to do yet. If all the dissatisfied voters would vote third party, it could happen, but people aren’t going to do that. If you don’t vote, then you have no right to complain about who is elected.”

Amen my friend!

Michele writes, “If it weren’t for Johnson, (Third party candidate.) me and my entire family of EX-GOP would be sitting out…can’t vote for Nope or Noper.”


Mike says, “I understand people’s frustration with the two choices. I would say that staying home would accomplish nothing. However, it would accomplish a great deal. SOMEONE is going to be elected. To stay home on election day is to give the power to choose that person to others. At least one of the candidates has the ability to do unimaginable harm that could take decades to undo.”

Now, who could he be talking about?

Lou, “What have they done except to bash each other. And what are they going to do, does anybody know?”

We don’t.

Tina says, “I am voting. Have always felt that if you don’t vote, you have no room to bitch about the results. Action is always preferable to inaction.”

Another amen….

John has our final thoughts, “For those who rationalize sitting out as an appropriate response to any election is disrespecting their country, and all of those who have fought and died to preserve our right to choose a representative government. For the person who is considering leaving the country based on the outcome of the election, why wait? It’s obvious you have no concept of the gift you’re given, living in this country. If you’re not willing to confront the problem, you are the problem.”

To be continued … at least until election day.

Jim Bucher is an area resident and guest columnist.

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