Letter to the Editor


Everyones support counts


Just to clarify, as a Democratic Party Chairman, we do not take anyone’s support/vote, for granted. I and every Democrat in this country are asking for your support regardless of your party.

If you don’t want to see the crazies running this country straight into the ground, you need to get informed and vote a Straight Democratic Ballot, regardless of your party. No one will ask as this is a General Election. We have slates (lists) of the Democratic Candidates at our Headquarters at 10 S. Detroit St., Xenia, stop in and see us Thursday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Remember “judges” do not have a “D” behind their name, you need this list. Then you can take it right to the voting machine or have a ballot come to your home and have the list at your fingertips. Our judicial system needs fair, open minded judges that will judge each case on its own merits, not someone who knee jerks to the ultra-conservative agenda.

There is no reason for an American not to vote in the state of Ohio. Now get informed and vote realistically for your own best interests. A nation of opportunities for all not just for the corporations and the wealthy will make for a real quality of life for future generations. America cannot be destroyed from outside, only from within.

So please, let’s stop allowing ourselves to be divided and stand together. Hillary and Democrats in office will make for an amazing future for us. Let’s get rid of the conservatives who vote no for everything that benefits people and yes for everything for corporations, the rich and the powerful while people still have the vote.

— Doris Adams, Xenia

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