Veterans committee hosting city-wide logo contest


By Whitney Vickers

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FAIRBORN — Calling all Fairborn artists — the Fairborn US Military Veterans Memorial Committee is hosting a city-wide design contest to find a logo that will be displayed on a memorial.

The committee is aiming to build a memorial that honors veterans and allows visitors to walk up, observe it and pay their respects.

“We have a veterans memorial in Fairborn in the middle of the street at Central (Avenue) and Main (Street), but the only time you can ever stop and look at it is when the streets are blocked off two or three times per year,” Fairborn Mayor Dan Kirkpatrick said. “… In talking with several veterans, we agreed that it would be nice to have a memorial where you can walk up to it and pay your respects.”

Connor Meyer of Fairborn Boy Scout Troop 162 is spearheading the logo design contest as his Eagle Scout project with the help of his father, Stephen. Stephen Meyer felt that as a veteran himself and because the project is so extensive, he should join the committee alongside his son and stay supportive of the project.

“It’s going to be a lot of work, but I feel like it’ll be worth it once we’re done,” Connor Meyer said. “… [We’re looking for] something simple (for the logo). We want the logo to catch people’s eye, but not have to stare at it for 10 minutes trying to figure out what it stands for.”

The logo contest is open to any Fairborn citizen, Wright State University student or Wright-Patterson Air Force Base community member. It should be inclusive of all military branches and exhibit the purpose of the memorial, which is to honor fallen service members who originated in the Fairborn, Osborn, Fairfield and Bath Township areas. It is aimed to be built on the lawn of the Fairborn Senior Apartments on Central Avenue.

The winner will be recognized at a ceremony and receive a $200 award. Submissions should be in an electronic format and can be sent to [email protected] from now until Aug. 31. The winner will be announced Oct. 5.

“We don’t want to use the city logo because it’s not a city project — it’s a community-wide project,” Kirkpatrick said. “If this is going to be a memorial for the community, let’s get the community involved and make them a part of it.”

The committee has been working toward establishing the memorial for approximately the last year and may continue with other projects after the memorial is completed. It meets 6 p.m. the first Wednesday of each month at the Fairborn American Legion Post 526 facility. It sees approximately 10-15 individuals attend the meetings, but Kirkpatrick said it is open to receiving more individuals who wish to be involved.

Whitney Vickers | Greene County News Connor Meyer is spearheading the logo design contest as part of his Eagle Scout project. Vickers | Greene County News Connor Meyer is spearheading the logo design contest as part of his Eagle Scout project.
Design could be displayed on memorial and winner will receive $200

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