Some individuals at WPAFB advised to seek alternative water


Greene County News Report

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE — Wright-Patterson Air Force Base officials are responding to a requirement from the Ohio EPA to provide alternate drinking water in Area A to pregnant and lactating women, and infants.

This action is in response to the new lifetime health advisory for Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS) issued by the U.S. EPA. PFOS is a chemical used in some fire suppressant foams that were previously used on the base. Base officials are taking actions to correct the problem as soon as possible.

The results are from samples collected on base in Area A on April 19, which showed PFOS levels of 110 parts per trillion. The new U.S. EPA standard is now 70 ppt. Prior to the new standard, WPAFB was in compliance and within prescribed limits.

Base officials are recommending those women that are pregnant, lactating or use water for infant formulas to use alternative water sources until further notice.

According to USEPA, adults, other than pregnant and lactating women, and non-bottle fed children can drink the tap water. U.S. EPA considers PFOS a concern to fetuses and infants. However, if individuals have specific health concerns, they may wish to consult their doctor. Boiling, freezing, or letting water stand does not reduce the PFOS level.

For more information, contact the Installation Public Affairs Office at 937-522-3252.

Greene County News Report compiled by Whitney Vickers.

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