Fairborn schools receives Momentum Award


FAIRBORN — Fairborn City Schools received the Momentum Award Monday by the Ohio State Board of Education.

A letter addressed to Interim Superintendent and Director of Business Affairs Ed Gibbons explained that the Momentum Award is given to districts who receive all A’s on the value-added portion of the state report card. Value-added measures the amount of growth students experience within a school year. FCS’s all-A status means students are receiving a year or more of growth per year.

“Receiving all A’s in the value-added category is not an easy thing to do,” said Dr. Sue Brackenhoff, director of curriculum and instruction for FCS. “It shows the dedication of the teachers and the growth of students.”

“For your students, you are keeping the learning momentum high,” said the letter, which was signed by the President of the State Board of Education Thomas Gunlock. “As one of the first winners of this award, you are part of an elite group of districts that are supporting the academic growth of students from every background and ability level.”

The letter commended the district’s ability to serve a diverse student population with varying needs. Value added measures the growth of the overall student population, gifted, lowest 20 percent of the achievement category and students with disabilities. Both Brackenhoff and FCS Public Relations Specialist Pam Gayheart expressed excitement in receiving the award and pride in the district’s teachers.

“Members of the State Board congratulate you on recruiting and motivating the high-quality school leaders and school staffs that are necessary to achieve what your district has,” the letter said.

Xenia City Schools and FCS were the only districts in Greene County to receive the Momentum Award.

“We have hard-working and dedicated teachers,” Brackenhoff said. “Value-added shows that.”

By Whitney Vickers

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