Gloria attends an auction and serves up Trail Mix Bars

By Gloria Yoder

The Amish Cook

First, a friendly “hello” to our reader friends who read this column in the Ledger-Independent in Maysville, Ky. I’ve only been to Kentucky a couple of times, but found it to be a beautiful state. Thanks for reading.

Last Friday we as a church eagerly anticipated our biannual school auction that was to be held that evening at my parents shop.

Our school auctions are unlike others I’ve ever been to. It’s a relaxing time for us as we sit on benches with several of the boys taking turns as auctioneers. The school children love being involved as they help hold up items that are being sold and deliver them to the buyers.

Each family brings items of their choice to sell. All proceeds go to our parochial school.

Among the first items to be sold were crafts and all kinds of creations made by the school children such as a wooden bookshelf, a pieced baby-sized comforter and a tissue box holder. Recently one of the school dads helped the upper graders make several wooden benches in the school basement. The unique part is that the three students graduating from eighth grade each drew a picture of our schoolhouse onto a bench. The teachers and school children then signed their names onto each bench. They turned out to be beautiful keepsakes made with solid wood. My dad was especially pleased to purchase one with the picture that my sister, Anna Faith, drew.

There were many other handmade items at the sale such as large bookcases, blankets, clothing items and baked goods like cream sticks, pie and homemade cereals.

Before the auction began I had my heart set on something I’ve been wanting since I was a young girl: a lighthouse. It stood several feet tall painted white with maroon stripes with a solar-powered light in the top section. Several of my friends had helped construct it using clay flower pots, stacking them upside down and gluing them together. I confess that I felt like an excited little girl that almost couldn’t hold still when it was being auctioned off. My husband Daniel knew about my crush on the lighthouse and how much I wanted this one and he kindly did the bidding for me. I was relieved and delighted when I finally heard the auctioneer saying “Sold, Daniel Yoder!”

My imagination started reeling with all the possibilities and ideas of what I could do with it. I think I’ll set it in the flowerbed in front of our trailer with some rocks around it and a little stone walkway up to it. Hopefully with hubby’s help I can make a sign with the Bible verse, “The Lord is my light and salvation Whom shall I fear?”

I’d like to hang it on a rustic post next to the lighthouse as a reminder of the Lord being the light of my life.

We purchased several other items including a dress Julia’s size that matches one of mine. Her and I were both tickled with that purchase.

We also had fun preparing items to sell at the auction. Daniel made a crib-sized bunk bed with rustic red cedar legs. Julia and I made a batch of trail mix bars and put them in a Tupperware container to sell. Since I can’t actually give you a bar I’ll share my recipe with you. It’s truly a simple recipe, in fact they don’t even need to be baked. Julia and I like to make these for special occasions, such as trips or picnics.

After 3 1/2 hours the auction was over and we were ready for our supper of sandwiches and finger foods which we helped prepare. I decided to take Guilt-Free Fudge along as my dish. Meanwhile, here is the recipe for the “Trail Mix Bars” that I made.


6 cups Rice or Corn Chex

1 1/2 cups raisins

1/2 cup sunflower seeds, shelled (optional)

1 cup honey or maple syrup

1 16 ounce jar of peanut butter

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 cup M&Ms

Combine Chex, raisins and sunflower seeds in a large bowl. Heat honey, peanut butter and vanilla over medium heat until peanut butter has melted. Pour over cereal mixture and mix well. Press into 9 by 13 container and sprinkle with M & Ms.

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