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XENIA — Residents angling for a great fishing experience can choose among several water access points at Greene County Parks & Trails with stream, river and lakes offering a variety of choices.

“There is no reason not to fish in Greene County,” says GCP&T Chief Ranger/Operations Director — and avid angler — Chuck Frazier. “Our waterways offer river, stream and lake fishing with a wide variety of sport fish at our GCP&T access sites.”

The fishing forecast for Greene County includes the following GCP&T locations:

– Little Miami River with access points located at Constitution Park, Spring Valley; Narrows Reserve, Beavercreek; Mill Bridge Launch, Bellbrook, Glenn Thompson Reserve, Xenia; and Jacoby Road Launch, Xenia. Anglers can expect to catch small-mouth bass, catfish, carp, bluegills, large-mouth bass and limited crappie throughout the Little Miami River.

– Massie Creek with an access points throughout Indian Mound Reserve, Cedarville. Fish species within Massie Creek include a higher population of crappie, as well as small-mouth bass, catfish, carp, bluegills and large-mouth bass.

– Spring Lakes Park, Bellbrook, with access points throughout one lake and two ponds on the site. Fish species at the ponds include carp, bluegill, crappie, large-mouth bass, channel catfish and trout on a seasonal basis.

– James Ranch Park, Xenia, offers a small pond with access areas to the rear of the gardens. Fish species include carp and channel catfish.

Fishing is permitted at park sites from dawn to dusk and requires a State of Ohio Fishing License except at Spring Lakes Park, which only requires a GCP&T fishing permit. Creel limits must be followed.

Although fishing can be enjoyed all year, spring is the perfect time to begin fishing, adds Frazier.

“The cooler temperatures of spring and autumn are the best times to catch the larger fish,” he says. “Now until June, the fish are moving around more and females are spawning with the cooler water.

Fishing offers an affordable sport for families to spend time together outdoors, he adds.

A simple spin cast rod and reel can be purchased for as little as $20 to $25, he says, with the option of upgrading and spending as much as can be afforded.

Frazier adds that fishing is a wonderful way to get out into nature and away from the stress of everyday life.

“Anyone can get out and enjoy fishing,” Frazier said. “No matter what your resources or even physical abilities. Spring Lakes Park offers a dock for easy access to the lake. Every day is a new experience when you’re fishing … you’ll see wildlife not normally viewed. You can meet great people from all walks of life and learn new techniques to improve your success. I urge everyone to get out and get fishing. Our Free Fishing Day at Spring Lakes Park on May 7 is a great day to start.”

For more information about GCP&T or its fishing sites call the park agency at 937-562-6440 or email [email protected].

Story courtesy of Greene County Parks & Trails.

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