Fairborn Municipal Court


Fairborn Daily Herald

March 10

Travis M. Ritchie, 1830 State Route 725 Lot 105, Spring Valley, guilty telephone harassment, $265 fines, 180 days, 160 suspended. Good behavior for two years. Two years supervised community control. Domestic violence intervention program. Jail time consecutive. Remanded today for 10 days.

Eric Santos, 8072 Mounteverest, Huber Heights, guilty O.V.U.A.C, $265 fines, 30 days, 26 suspended. Jail time concurrent. No future similar violations 2 years. 2 years supervised community control. Assessment for drug/alcohol. 90 days license suspension.

Bronwyn V. Doubet, 237 Monteray Ave., Oakwood, guilty reckless OP offense, $265 fines, 30 days, 30 suspended. No future similar violation for 1 year.

Sophie L. Whitt, 138 N Lancaster St., Athens, guilty OVI, $490 fines, 180 days, 177 suspended. Complete three-day driver intervention program. Up to two years of supervised community control. Drug/alcohol assessment and follow-up treatment.

Andrea L. Hickey, 2773 Mohican Ave., Kettering, guilty physical control, $365 fines, 180 days, 120 suspended. House arrest for 60 days with alcohol monitor work release. No future similar violations for three years, supervised community control for up to three years. Assessment for drug and alcohol and follow up, alcohol monitor for additional 30 days after house arrest.

Ronald J. Baylor, 2145 Rockdell Drive Apt. 9, Fairborn, guilty reckless operation, $365 fines, 30 days, 30 suspended. No future similar violation for 1 year and BMV fee waived.

Fairborn Municipal Court report compiled from completed cases occurring in Beavercreek and Fairborn. Report compiled by Merrilee Embs.

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