Cardale Jones calls out NCAA’s ‘insane and unfair rules’


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COLUMBUS — Former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones says he is happy to be done with the NCAA and its “insane and unfair rule.”

Jones went on a short Twitter rant about how he feels the NCAA exploits athletes. He posted: “It’s deeper than athletes thinking we should get paid.”

He followed that Tuesday with an interview on ESPN where he said he would talk about the issues often with teammates. He says some of his teammates got personal loans from friends and family to pay for costs their scholarships weren’t covering.

He wrote on Twitter: “Why shouldn’t a collegiate athlete be able to use their OWN likeness/brand to benefit themselves but yet the @NCAA can sell there (sic) jerseys.” Jones followed up by correcting his spelling of their.

The NCAA is in the process of appealing a court decision that ruled the association was illegally using the names, images and likenesses of college football and basketball players without compensating the athletes.

Jones is expected to be selected in the NFL draft later this month. He led Ohio State to the national championship, starting the last three games of the 2014 season for the Buckeyes. He began last season as Ohio State’s starter, but was eventually replaced by J.T. Barrett.

Jones was a little-known back-up before being pushed into the starting role because an injury to Barrett in 2014. His most notable moment at Ohio State before becoming a key player in the Buckeyes’ championship run was tweeting out “we ain’t come here to play school.”

The Associated Press

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