New park coming to Fairborn


FAIRBORN – The City of Fairborn is taking steps to encourage citizens to spend time outdoors.

Council approved a re-Platt for Valle Greene North with the intentions of eventually creating a lot that would be used as a park measuring more than 18 acres in size that includes an easement. It is located east of Interstate-675, south of Garland Avenue and north of Dayton-Yellow Springs Road on Commerce Center Boulevard.

“It’s great for the city. We need opportunities for our kids to see wildlife and that’s a great place for it,” Fairborn Mayor Dan Kirkpatrick said. “There’s [beavers] and other wild critters out there and we need our kids to see how that environment works and that’s a great place for it that already exists.”

Police department applies for grant

The Fairborn, Xenia and Beavercreek Police Departments, along with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, is collaboratively applying for a grant that will pay them back for needed licenses for the county-wide records management system. If entities apply for the grant collaboratively, they can ask for up to $500,000 together. The Greene County Sheriff’s Office is spearheading the effort; the FPD is ultimately applying for $100,000.

Street department to purchase equipment

Street and Equipment Superintendent Sean Sink said the department has a plan in which old mowing equipment will be phased out while new equipment is brought in. The goal is to guarantee that the majority of the active equipment includes a warranty, which will save money.

“Hopefully within a few years we can meet in the middle and get in a routine to where as units come out of warranty, they’re traded or sold off and newer equipment is brought in and we’re keeping the biggest portion of our fleet under the blanket of warranty coverage,” Sink said. “In the long run, it’ll reduce the life cycle cost of each piece of equipment.”

Last year, the department purchased two 2014 units; council approved it to purchase two 2015 units this year.

File photo Council members at a previous meeting. All members were present during the Monday, March 21 meeting. photo Council members at a previous meeting. All members were present during the Monday, March 21 meeting.

By Whitney Vickers

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