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XENIA — State prosecutors are expected to call two more witnesses to testify Wednesday in a Fairborn man’s murder trial. Closing statements and jury deliberations are expected Wednesday in the trial of Joseph Jenkins, 45, of Fairborn.

The court heard testimony from police and emergency personnel, as well as witnesses at the scene Monday and Tuesday.

Jenkins is charged with murder after Andre Winston, 38, of Beavercreek, was fatally stabbed Wednesday, July 22 near the intersection of Williams Street and Wallace Drive in Fairborn.

Opening statements took place Monday, in which the state, represented by Assistant Prosecutor Nicole Burke, argued that Winston died after Jenkins approached him as if he were ready to reconcile after a previous altercation between the two individuals took place earlier in the night. The defense, represented by Attorney Christopher Beck, said Jenkins’s actions were taken out of self defense after Winston charged at him following the previous fight.

Over the course of testimony Monday and Tuesday, witnesses who were at the scene testified that Jenkins had attempted to break up a fight earlier in the evening, which eventually resulted in Jenkins making a threat to a woman at the scene, Courtney Howard. Winston reportedly stepped in and the two exchanged punches, finding Jenkins on the ground, according to the witnesses.

Jenkins testified Tuesday that at this point, he left the scene to a nearby house to get a ride home before coming back outside.

Jenkins said Winston quickly approached him with his fists balled up, which is when he said the two men started to engage in another fight. He testified that he regularly had a knife with him as he used it regularly to fix radios. Jenkins added he told Winston he didn’t want problems and that he had a knife on his person. The two men started to swing, Jenkins said, which is when he took one quick jab at Winston but found the knife handle still in his hand.

Three witnesses testified that after the altercation in which Jenkins was knocked to the ground, Jenkins later approached Winston with his arm extended as if he wanted to shake hands. As Winston and Jenkins began to make what was thought to be friendlier contact, witnesses testified that Jenkins jabbed the knife into Winston with his other hand.

Responding Fairborn police officials said Jenkins was cooperative, admitting that he was the individual they were looking for. He was transported to the Fairborn Jail and later requested a medic for a sore jaw and shoulder. Responding Fairborn paramedics explained that Winston was gasping for air upon their arrival, dead before making it to Miami Valley Hospital.

Jenkins’ trial is set to resume Wednesday morning in the Greene County Common Pleas Court.

Whitney Vickers | Greene County News Joseph Jenkins delivered a testimony Tuesday. Vickers | Greene County News Joseph Jenkins delivered a testimony Tuesday.

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