School district report cards show mixed results


XENIA — The Ohio Department of Education released additional information on state report cards Thursday, revealing how students in local districts performed on state tests.

Information released includes achievement, progress and gap closing categories with each district receiving a letter grade based on criteria.

Achievement consists of two categories: performance index, which measures the test results of every student and adds credit for high scores and penalizes low scores; and indicators met, which measures the percentage of students who have passed state tests. Test results are reported for each student in a grade and subject. At least 80 percent of students must pass to get credit for the indicator, according to the ODE website.

Progress, which consists of value-added scores, examines how much each student learns in a year in math and reading for grades 4-8. A “C” means students are showing one year’s growth in one year.

Gap closing answers the question: Is every student succeeding, regardless of income, race, ethnicity, or disability?

Greene County’s three biggest school districts had varying results.

Xenia Community Schools

The district had its best score in overall value-added, receiving an “A.” That means students are showing two or more years of growth in one year. Xenia also received an “A” last year.

In addition to overall value added, districts are also graded on gifted student progress, lowest 20 percent and students with disabilities. Xenia scored an “A” in each of those categories.

XCS received a “C” for performance index. The district received 72.5 percent of the 120 possible points in that category. Points are awarded for six different achievement levels, with the higher levels being weighted more.

The district scored a “D” for indicators met at 51.5 percent.

The district received an “F” for gap closing, receiving 43.8 percent of the total points possible on annual measurable objectives. The AMOs compare the performance of student groups to a state goal.

Beavercreek City Schools

Under the achievement measure, Beavercreek schools received a “B” (84 percent) for the performance index measure and an “A” (97 percent) for the indicators met measure.

Under the progress measure, the district also received an overall “A” in the value-added measure, as well as an “A” grade in the gifted value-added section, but scored an “F” and a “D” for the “lowest 20 percent” and “students with disabilities” value-added grades, respectively.

Beavercreek scored a “B” (89 percent) in the gap closing section.

Fairborn City Schools

The Fairborn City School District received an “A” grade in the value-added category. Fairborn also received an “A” for how well its gifted students are progressing.

In the performance index grade category FCS received a “C” (75 percent.)

The district received a “D” in the indicators met category, at 69 percent.

FCS received a “D,” or 67 percent, in the gap closing category.

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