120 teachers considered for WSU grant program


FAIRBORN — Wright State University, in partnership with Clark State University, received more than $700,000 in grant funds to certify high school teachers to instruct collegiate-level material to their students.

Between the two universities, 40 partner schools have already been established; 30 expressed interest in qualifying its teachers, translating to approximately 120 teachers to be considered for the program at this point. Although more high schools have called and expressed interest, the universities partner schools will first be considered.

Teachers’ credentials will be examined, considering if the individual has a master’s degree but still needs coursework to teach the college subject of choice to the high school students. They need a minimum of 18 semester credit hours in either their current master’s degree work or in addition to what they have already established with their graduate degree.

Funds allow for 60 teachers to participate in the program without the burden of tuition. However, if individuals already have some of the requirements under their belt, funds can be stretched further, allowing more teachers to attend.

Funding expires June 30, 2017, and individuals at WSU are hoping to see teachers begin the program as early as the summer months.

“This is a juggling act,” Vice President of Enrollment Management at Wright State University Mary Ellen Ashley said in an email interview. “We hope to stretch the funding as far as possible.”

By Whitney Vickers

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