Some sports predictions for 2016


By Scott Halasz

It’s that time of the year when people like to make resolutions.


“New year. New me,” you hear everyone say.

Not for me, thanks.

My only resolution is to not make resolutions. OK, that’s kind of a contradiction I guess. Kind of like a line in my favorite Rush song “Freewill.”

“If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

But I digress.

While I don’t partake in the new year’s tradition, I’m not opposed to making some predictions for 2016, many of which are sure to go wrong.

So I offer you a look what to expect this year in the world of sports — some serious, some tongue-in-cheek, and some foot-in-mouth.

And I’m sure some of you will want to put your foot somewhere else after reading this. But at least warn me first.

The folks at the University of Dayton will decide that a loss at home against Chattanooga is far more embarrassing than potentially losing at home or on the road against Wright State and revive the Gem City Jam.

And in the first game in December at UD Arena, Wright State’s Alan Vest make’s his Hall of Fame dad proud by sinking a half-court shot at the horn to win 98-97.

And while I’m on the subject of Wright State, the women’s basketball team makes it back to the NCAA Tournament and reaches the regional final before losing to … the UD women. I know, I know. But hey, I said some of you may want to put your foot somewhere.

Speaking of feet, Xenia’s Grace Norman, who runs with just one, will win gold at the Paralympic games in Rio later this year. And at some point, she gets a chance to compete in the Olympics and makes Greene County proud.

Xenia’s boys basketball team and Beavercreek’s girls basketball team advance to the regional finals of their respective tournaments. Both will lose to Catholic schools from Cincinnati on blown calls by officials, who were extraordinarily awful throughout the game.

Here’s a good one. After winning his fifth national championship, Alabama coach Nick Saban decides to give the NFL another shot and will take the Miami Dolphins job (again) an hour after declaring at a press conference that “I’m not going to be the Miami Dolphins coach.”

In a related chain of events, Kirby Smart leaves Georgia to take the Alabama job and Chip Kelly ends up at Georgia, opting for that job instead of top job with the Tennessee Titans, who hire Chuck Pagano after he is fired from the Colts. As a result, Jim Harbaugh leaves Michigan to go to the Colts and coach Andrew Luck. Les Miles leaves LSU to go to Michigan and Saban leaves the Dolphins before ever coaching a game there and ends back up at LSU where he loses to Ohio State in the national title game.

Back to being serious.

This fall five football teams that the Greene County News group covers will make the football playoffs and one will advance to the state semifinals. As a reminder we regularly cover (alphabetically) Beavercreek, Bellbrook, Carroll, Cedarville, Fairborn, Greeneview and Xenia.

And one more just for fun.

The Golden State Warriors will have a shot to break the Chicago Bulls record of 72 wins, against Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets. Jordan decides to sit courtside with former Bulls teammates Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman as his guests and they heckle Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson the whole night as the Warriors lose.

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