Jenkins ruled sane


FAIRBORN — Joseph Jenkins has been ruled competent to stand trial on murder charges.

Jenkins, 45, of Fairborn, allegedly stabbed and killed Andre Winston, 38, of Beavercreek, after a fight broke out between the two near the intersection of Wallace Drive and Williams Street in Fairborn in the late night hours of July 22.

He underwent two competency hearings, both ruling him sane. His trial is set to begin Monday, Feb. 29.

The psychological evaluations were completed by Dr. Daniel Davis, a forensic psychologist who practices in the Columbus area. Greene County Common Pleas Judge Stephen Wolaver said based on the results, Jenkins is competent enough to assist council and proceed forward with the trial.

Jenkins is currently held in the Greene County Jail with a bond of $250,000. Winston died either just before or right after arriving at Miami Valley Hospital, according to officials.

Trial date set for Feb. 29, 2016

By Whitney Vickers

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