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By JoAnn Collins

For the Herald

FAIRBORN — Remember the saying: “You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream” — Robin Joseph, Clint Allen, Jim Moses and Tina Ferris did, and felt that the rest of Fairborn should as well.

They were the citizens who brought The Inside Scoop to the community. It started a conversation regarding the lack of ice cream fix within the city, which led them to do something about it.

“Not sure how it came about, we were talking about living here in Fairborn and it was a shame that there is no ice cream shop,” Joseph said. “Everyone needs ice cream.”

With Dairy Queen, Baskin Robins and Friendly’s all closed, Ferris began talking to citizens and found that there was a desire for an ice cream shop. However, Moses was the only individual out of the group of four with business experience.

“It was a fast moving train that Tina took the lead,” Allen said. “She had the fire and energy. From discussing it in October to remodeling in January 2011, we were going into the business.”

However, Ferris left the state after receiving a job opportunity and Moses stayed preoccupied with his own business, leaving the work up to Allen and Joseph.

“July 3, 2014, we moved locations from Kauffman to downtown,” Allen said. “For business it would help that we were in a place with more foot traffic to be successful, especially during winter months.”

The owners feel that The Inside Scoop serves duel proposes. Their goal was to give the community a place to enjoy the company of others, instead of grabbing a bite to eat and running.

“It’s more than eating,” Allen said. “We made it a place to meet and greet, exchange ideas and create friendship — a fun hangout for everyone, no matter what age. The Inside Scoop was for people to come in, grab a newspaper, cup of coffee and visit with each other.”

Its eats include hot dogs, chili cheese dogs, hamburgers, pretzels, soups, paninis, grilled cheese and walking tacos. Upon adding a fryer to the inventory, it offers chicken nuggets, pork tenderloins, tater tots and chicken tenders.

As far as drinks go, The Inside Scoop has hot chocolate, coffee, iced coffee and hot cider.

But even with additional food options, its ice cream offers the most variety, with 24 regular and six rotated seasonal — 31 total flavor options — available at any given time.

“We offer Hersey’s Premium Gold, which is their top of the line and we carry top of line,” Allen said. “We have no sugar added ice cream, and gluten free flavors and we are [cognitive of] nut free preparation. We have a scoop that is never connected or touched with nuts, so we can safely dip ice cream that is nut free without cross contamination for those with peanut allergies.”

The Inside Scoop offers wifi, birthday party options and a 15-person-capacity party room, although the main shop can accommodate 75 bodies. Citizens will see the shop offer an “open mic night” as the location used to be a coffee shop and was noted for the event and the owners have observed some who miss it

“Karaoke for kids and open mic night are two events we are bringing back to our family-friendly shop,” Allen said. “Christmas is coming and we are going to be having Sunday’s sundaes with Santa and other seasonal, holiday events.”

It additionally serves as a drop off point for the Boy Scouts to collect canned goods for the needy, a place to sell the pink breast cancer awareness shirt for the Fairborn Fire Department and an area to purchase a Christmas ornament to benefit the Downtown Betterment Association.

“We make no money off these sales,” Joseph said. “Its our way of giving back to Fairborn to support our community.”

Joseph’s history with Fairborn reaches back 50 years, starting with her father being stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

“I was born at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base hospital, so I am really local,” she said. “My husband is a lifer here, my parents are here, I graduated here from Park Hills raising my kids and living in town.”

Allen’s time in Fairborn also began at WPAFB. He retired in 2006 after spending 28 years in the Air Force.

“Our daughters graduated from Fairborn,” he said. “I came here in 1997 and we never left.”

The hours for The Inside Scoop vary according to the season, leading the owners to recommend checking Facebook. Reach the shop by calling 937-318-8556 or emailing [email protected] for information.

“I think the take away is we want the people to know this is Fairborn’s ice cream shop,” Allen said. “Come on down and enjoy a treat.”

Both owners said: “everyday is Sunday at The Inside Scoop.”

JoAnn Collins | For the Herald Robin Joseph and Clint Allen own The Inside Scoop in Fairborn.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/50/2015/12/web1_inside-scoop-2-.jpgJoAnn Collins | For the Herald Robin Joseph and Clint Allen own The Inside Scoop in Fairborn.

JoAnn Collins | For the Herald Robin Joseph and Clint Allen own The Inside Scoop in Fairborn.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/50/2015/12/web1_inside-scoop-3-.jpgJoAnn Collins | For the Herald Robin Joseph and Clint Allen own The Inside Scoop in Fairborn.


JoAnn Collins is a long-time resident of Fairborn and guest writer for the Fairborn Daily Herald.

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