Fairborn Connection: Faith Christian Bookstore


By JoAnn Collins

For the Herald

FAIRBORN — Faith Christian Bookstore is open for business — that is what owner Todd Anderson would like Fairborn and the surrounding community to know.

The business was owned for about 30 years by Lynn Berry, but when Anderson found out it was up for sale he spoke to Berry and said he would like to purchase the store. Apparently Berry had already sent out flyers letting his people know he was retiring and closing, leading Anderson to feel challenged to let the community know that the bookstore is still open for business, just under a new ownership and has been for about two years now.

Anderson grew up in the city, graduating from Fairborn High School, and feels that he knows the community and it’s history. He grew up shopping at Faith Christian Bookstore for items he felt he needed and enjoyed speaking with Berry, as they both shared the love of God.

“I have another business I own and have worked at for many years, but when I heard that Faith Christian Bookstore was going out of business I just couldn’t bear for Fairborn not to have a Christian store in town where people and churches could get their church and Sunday school supplies,” Anderson said. “Faith Christian Bookstore has been here in Fairborn for over 30 years and for it to close would be a loss.”

The business includes one full-time employee, Jim Browning, while Anderson is at both jobs and travels back and forth on different days and times.

“Time management is the hardest,” Anderson said. “I had never ran a retail store before so this was something new and different compared to my other business, as more time is dedicated to inventory and stocking supplies, not to mention the administrative side of the business, which I had to learn.”

His wife does the store displays and they all help with inventory and ordering.

“We have come to a good point in the store, as the first year was a learning year and I definitely under estimated the time that would be required to operate a business with administrative,” Anderson said, “I have had a lot of help and support, which has made this endeavor move forward and we are now growing and gaining a comfortable place and feeling the decision to buy the store was a right one.”

He is supportive of the Fairborn Area Chamber of Commerce, local churches and businesses. Anderson wants to see a push to embrace the Wright State University area, more connection to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and some developments to encourage more businesses to move into the area.

Anderson permits other groups and churches to put out flyers that are appropriate and has some groups that come in for bible studies.

The store includes the same supplies for churches, Sunday schools, current gospel music, video, jewelry, books and a children’s selection of gifts and bibles. His sales include 80 percent gifts, and he has Christmas and all-occasion cards, holiday wrapping paper and bags. Anderson said he is also capable of bible engraving, and if there is something special customers don’t see in the store, he has access to books and online specialty shops for merchandise that he can get that others may not be able to order.

“We have a bigger selection with modern technology now than in years past and are able to get you what you want at a better price, or at least price match,” Anderson said.

Faith Christian Bookstore includes holiday extended hours. Phone the business at 937-878-1053 or visit its website at http://Faith-Christian-Bookstore.com/or its Facebook page.

JoAnn Collins | For the Herald Todd Anderson has owned Fairborn’s Faith Christian Bookstore for the past two years.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/50/2015/12/web1_Faith-Christian-Bookstore-2-.jpgJoAnn Collins | For the Herald Todd Anderson has owned Fairborn’s Faith Christian Bookstore for the past two years.


JoAnn Collins is a long-time resident of Fairborn and guest writer for Fairborn Daily Herald.

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