YSAC launches ‘Art Roulette’


Greene County News Report

YELLOW SPRINGS — The Yellow Springs Arts Council is launching a new way for anyone to participate in the creation of art, including mediums such as performance art, public art, visual art, writing, theater arts, film, dance and music.

As part of this campaign, individual’s idea will be randomly matched with one of Yellow Springs’ artists who can bring your idea to life as a new work of art.

The YSAC said this campaign gives the opportunity to make ideas happen. Here’s how it works:

1. Submit the art project idea, along with the donation.

2. The YSAC will match the idea to an artist by “spinning the wheel” to determine who, in the right medium category, will be matched with the idea. YSAC has an artist directory of over 250 Yellow Springs artists in over 20 disciplines.

3. The artist takes the idea and creates an art piece from it.

4. The finished art is hung at the YSAC gallery, and individuals are welcomed to bring their friends to see it.

5. The art gets auctioned at an Arts Gala event that both, the idea holder and the artist, are invited to; any performance art that was created will be performed at the Gala.

6. Individuals can bid on the item if they wish to own it.

The artist gets a percentage of the donation and a percentage of the sale. At the end of the year, individuals with the ideas can take their initial donation off your taxes. However, this doesn’t apply to auction purchases.

To learn more or to join this campaign, visit ysartscouncil.org/art-roulette.

Greene County News Report compiled by Whitney Vickers.

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