3 new faces join FCS board of education


FAIRBORN — The Fairborn City School District will welcome three new members to its board, including Jerry Browning, Pat McCoart and Katherine Mlod, leaving current president and member Tess Little and Michael Uecker without a seat.

They will join current members Jeri Ann Luce, Andrew Wilson and Board Vice President Roland Parks and will each serve a four year term.

Mlod led the race with 23.58 percent of all votes and is looking forward to working with the members of the board, focusing on new tasks at hand. She hopes to get all hands on deck regarding the construction/renovation of the district’s educational facilities by building the trust and spirits back up of its teachers.

“I want to make the teachers of Fairborn City Schools proud to work here again … I want to get past [all that happened previously],” Mlod said. “In four years, I want everyone to say they’re proud to be here. I want to get back to that.”

She is thrilled to combine the skills of the current and coming board members in order to move the district forward. She mentioned her and Luce’s background both belonging to education, Browning’s business administration past as well as McCoart and Wilson’s previous and current experience on the school board.

“It’s an awesome group,” she said. “I’m most excited to get the group together to see what we can accomplish.”

Little wishes the new board the best and hopes they will continue to do what’s best for the children of Fairborn. She said she is proud to have served the board for 10 years; the last four years of her time of service were as the president.

“The school is in a good spot,” Little said. “We have money, we are well on our way to building new schools and hiring a new superintendent. I feel that the new board can follow in the steps of the current board … We did a very good job to get back on track fiscally, we are now solvent because of the hard work we did. The new board can reap the benefits of the hard work we sewed.”

She reflected on her time on the board, and feels that they worked hard and did a good job for the City of Fairborn. She feels that the board is on the right track and the future will be good. She hopes to see the building project continue and see the district hire a new superintendent.

“I want Fairborn to grow and prosper,” Little said. “I want all the best for Fairborn — this is home and I want it to be good.”

By Whitney Vickers

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