Fairborn voters elect 3 for school board


By Whitney Vickers

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FAIRBORN — Jerry Browning, Pat McCoart and Katherine Mlod were elected to fill three seats on the Fairborn City School District Board of Education Nov. 3 in a race that between five candidates, including incumbent candidates Tess Little and Michael Uecker.

Browning held 21.93 percent of votes, Little had 19.59 percent of votes, McCoart included 20.25 percent of total votes, Mlod led with 23.58 percent of votes and Uecker established 14.65 percent of all votes.

Jerry Browning

Browning holds more than 25 years of engineering experience, and has lead organizations with more than 800 employees while holding the fiscal responsibility of multi-million dollar projects. His history with the district includes three generations of Fairborn High School graduates, and leadership positions related to the soccer team, soccer and athletic boosters club and capital improvement committee.

“I’m committed to improvement of the School District,” Browning wrote. “With my strong leadership experience, ability to communicate and ability to establish relationships, I believe I can help achieve our focus points.”

Pat McCoart

McCoart is a 1971 graduate of Fairborn High School. He served as a 15-year volunteer trainer, sixth grade teacher within the Fairborn athletics partner in junior chievement, former booster president, school and pool board member and 1999 focus group for new buildings. He is additionally a former member of the Fairborn Rotary, and holds 27 years of experience as a North East regional sales manager. He said his experience is working with people and young children.

“With the trust of our community, we can brick our schools back to respectability and a place where people will want to educate their children,” McCoart wrote. “We have great teachers and support staff that are also loyal and caring for our children and proud of our city.”

Katherine Mlod

Mlod’s background belongs to education, as she earned two education-related degrees from the University of Dayton and was raised by parents who both worked in the public school system. She has served as a volunteer for varying activities and committees for the district since her daughter started preschool in 2009. She restored the Parent-Teacher Organization and held leadership positions in such, worked as a substitute teacher and currently serves on the district Communications Team, Strategic Planning Team and works as the communications manager for the Calm/Assertive Project at Fairborn Primary School.

She feels that improving communication between the board and community is essential, and hopes to establish open communication by holding regular meetings with city and township leaders and creating a means for citizens to be heard by the board.



By Whitney Vickers

[email protected]

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