Halloween contest winners announced



The house decorating contest included a first, second and third place winner. Jennifer and Andrew McQuaid took home the gold, while Terry Brewer landed second place and Hollie Peterman was named the third place winner.

The costume contest was divided into multiple categories, including age divisions, scariest, family, couple and animal.

Within the zero to 2-year-old participants, Emelyn Willis took first place for her Snoopy costume, while Mikeley Phillips took second for dressing as a Cabage Patch Doll and Alyssa Ring won third for her witch outfit.

Between the 3-to-4-year-old participants, Mauricio Palomino was named first for dressing as a USS Nimitz, Avery Young was placed second for her airplane pilot costume while Gunnar Webre took third for his Fairborn fightfighter costume.

Five-to-6-year-old winners included Logan Brown who took first place for his Bettlejuice costume, second place winner Kalyn White for her frankenstein Bride outfit and Dominic Howard who was place third for his black eyed P costume.

Chris Midiff took first place in the 7-to-9-year-old category for his scary ice cream truck costume, Mary Eytehion was placed second for dressing as a zombie maid and Preston Cruea won third place for his “Walking Dead” costume.

Within the 10-to-11-year-old category, Lydia Yount dressed as a flying monkey and won first place, Lauren Butler dressed as a zombie bride and was named the second place winner and Anthony Brauer, who dressed as “Dr. Who,” won third place.

Winners in the 12-to-14-year-old category included first place winner Cora Grooms who won for her “Star Wars” sith costume, second place winner Kaitlin Stafford who dressed in a pirate Tinker Bell costume and third place winner Sebastian Auxier, who dressed in a living ghost costume.

The last age division included a 15-to-18-year-old category; taking first place in Kaylynn Holley, who dressed as a zombie, Jordan Gwynne, who dressed as a drag queen and won second place and Kassandra Stafford, who drssed as a dead Marilyn Monroe and was named the third place winner.

Kayla Walker dressed as the Boogeyman and won first place in the adult division, Paul Holly dressed as tiny and won second place and Melody Michael dressed as a zombie queen and took third place.

The Elehert family won first place in the family costume category, by dressing as characters from the first Thanksgiving. The Aman family dressed as bikers and won second place, while the White family dressed as the Franken family and took third place.

Within the animal category, an animal dressed as a parole officer won first, an animal dressed as a vampire took second and an animal dressed as a spider was named third.

Michelle and Derrick Barthol won the couple category by dressing in a costume themed for the Day of the Dead, while Kayla Walker won the overall scariest category with her Boogeyman costume.

By Whitney Vickers

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