Continuous support is key


For the Gazette

CEDARVILLE — The Cedar Cliff Local School renewal levy is on the ballot for Nov. 3.

The 2.7 renewal levy will begin in 2015 and run for five years. According to the Greene County Board of Election, the estimated cost value based on a $100,000 is appoximately $82.69.

This levy generates $280,000. This money is used for day to day operating expenses.

Superintendent Chad Mason said, “This is a renewal, there are no additional taxes. It does not raise anymore money for the school. We are trying our best to be responsible with the money they have given us, especially after they helped us build a new school. We want to be as responsible as we can and not ask for anymore money than they already graciously given us.”

If the levy does not pass, every budget throughout the school district will need to be reduced. Without continuous support from the community, there will be cuts said Mason.

By Natalie Jones

Natalie Jones is a freelance writer.

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