YS Chamber explains zoning laws


For Greene County News

YELLOW SPRINGS – Helping businesses understand what they need to do in order to operate their business in the village is something the local chamber of commerce is asked about frequently.

The Village doesn’t have specific licensing requirements, but there is zoning that determines where certain businesses can locate and can control some operational aspects. Meanwhile, Miami Township has zoning restrictions also for businesses outside the village, according to the chamber.

The chamber states that Greene County controls construction requirements through the building department and health regulations through the Greene County Combined Health District, and the Miami Township Fire & Rescue has responsibility for building inspections and fire safety.

The chamber has observed articles and letters to the editor in the Yellow Springs News recently about difficulties with zoning, building and health department requirements for some lodging establishments.

In response, the Chamber is providing this information to its members. In addition to knowing what the requirements are, the chamber believes it is imperative that people understand the rationale behind the regulations so that decisions are more understandable rather than seeming arbitrary and unnecessary.

Therefore, the chamber has scheduled a breakfast meeting 9 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 29 to bring the officials together to explain the system and answer questions. This is intended as a general session that would apply to all businesses, not simply a discussion of the current issues related to lodging.

Story courtesy of the Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce.

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