Dance studio: A new home for youth


BEAVERCREEK – Richard McKeever dreamed of opening his own dance studio to share his love of dancing. An opportunity opened up earlier this year while he was an instructor at a local gymnastic center, and he jumped at the opportunity.

McKeever’s dream is to make dancing possible for everyone, no matter the student’s skill level or financial situation. McKeever opened Quest Dance Studio for dancing instructions three weeks ago at 3820 Kemp Road.

Quest offers top-notch dance sessions and instructions on the latest moves in ballet, contemporary dance, tap, hip-hop, street dance, jazz, and break dancing. His instructors, including McKeever are skilled and educated individuals with dancing degrees.

McKeever picked instructors that he worked with in the past and have proven to be excellent dancers. The studio also offers Zumba and he indicated that she is phenomenal and very fast paced. His students will compete in all local competitions, except some of the special needs students, even though he is working on that for the future.

“I’ve done a lot of research and there isn’t any kind of studio in the Beavercreek or surrounding areas that offers anything like I do,” Quest Dance Center owner Richard McKeever said. “That’s why I really want the news of my dance studio to get out there. I want people to know that Quest is here. I want to be a part of people’s lives and provide them with the encouragement and techniques to change to be great dancers. I think it’s a beautiful thing.”

Quest Dance Studio is different because McKeever’s focus is not to turn anyone away. He offers dancing classes for everyone, including children and adults with Down syndrome or other disabilities. He also works closely with the Dayton Juvenile Probation Department to provide dance sessions to students having trouble dealing with the stressors in their life.

He said it’s a great way for kids to express themselves. It shows them there is a different outlet to keep them out of trouble. McKeever makes the sessions by having dance battles and dance circles.

“It gives them a place to hang out where they know they are not being judged. Other studios in the area don’t offer classes for special needs or anything like that. They tend to be turned away,” McKeever said. “I’ve taught hundreds of children and adults that are autistic or have Down syndrome. They grow and learn from each other and it’s a really good bonding environment for them.”

In just three weeks, his student enrollment is 75 students and his team is excited about increasing every day, every month, from year to year. Students begin at the age of 5 and through all ages of adults; anyone that wants to learn the art of dancing is welcome. Financial assistance is available and no one is turned away.

“I talked to the Mayor of Beavercreek trying to get him to embrace Quest and the dancing students. He seemed really excited about it. Having his support and the support of Beavercreek is very important to me,” McKeever said. “I’m just trying to get the word out that I’m here and excited to teach anyone the art of dancing.”

McKeever has a degree in business and dance. He worked in several dance studios before finding his way to Beavercreek where he started teaching gymnastics. His passion has always been dancing. Since space became available in the gymnastic studio, he decided to snatch up two rooms when they became available.

“I was blessed with the opportunity to start something different. I really look forward to helping underprivileged kids or kids that are in trouble with parents or life. I want them to have a place to go to, a home to go to. Dancing is a way people can let out so much stress, anger, frustrations and all that. For me dance has always been a blessing and these kids here are amazing,” he said. “Quest is a really great place environment right here in Beavercreek that allows kids to learn dance and to perform.”

For more information regarding Quest Dance Center, contact Richard McKeever at 937-305-3465 or visit Quest Dance Center on Facebook.

By Danielle Coots

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