GOP confusion


Representative Kevin McCarthy, R-CA, could write a political treatise entitled “How To Be The Captain of A Circular Firing Squad!”

As a 19-year member of Congress, how he could have spouted off about the Benghazi Select Committee as he did recently, is beyond comprehension. Perhaps he did the GOP and the nation a favor by withdrawing as a candidate for Speaker of the House. He literally disqualified himself as a serious legislator by his comments. Talk about opening your mouth before putting your brain in gear − he took that concept to a new level − DEEP.

There is one very distinctive difference between the two major parties:. Democrats are total political animals. They do not let principled positions stand in the way of political power. Dominating and winning is in their DNA. Right or wrong, they are unwavering in their goals as a party.

Republicans, however sincere, too often lose sight of accomplishment and are so intense about “purity of principle” that they create the debacle which is now facing them in the aftermath of Speaker Boehner’s decision to resign as Speaker AND from Congress. Sincerity is one thing. Self-destruction is something else, again. The House GOP Conference needs to focus on getting their act together for the good of the country ahead of “party-purity.”

The liberal-biased media outlets far outnumber the objective news sources in our country today, as they have since World War II. Factor in electronic communication capabilities common-place today. The Republicans have a mortal fear of being portrayed as rigid, out-of-touch hate-mongers if they dare to oppose the Obama Administration’s total disregard of the Constitution and the long-established principle of three co-equal branches of our federal government.

Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have had a wide-open field in which to run amok, as a result. The GOP majority in the House and Senate have been too reluctant to challenge President Obama by sending bills to his desk and making him veto realistic legislation, because they have been far too concerned with the PR fall-out resulting therefrom.

Case in point: The GOP promised America that they would repeal Obama-Care and replace it with a more fair, workable, and affordable health-care program to benefit ALL citizens. Result — nothing. They passed numerous pieces of legislation in the House but refused to send it to the President’s desk. It is no accident that CNN was known as Clinton-News-Network!

America has, under Obama’s lack of forceful leadership, abdicated our role as the pre-eminent power on the world stage. Putin and ISIS are running amok, without any push-back from not only America, but the rest of the world, as well. Our word given to those who try to resist the terrorists means nothing today. We make noise, and nothing else. There is a horrendous void/vacuum being filled by Putin, Iran, and ISIS. This must not continue. The federal election on November 8, 2016 is literally America’s last chance to re-establish our traditional role as leader of the free world and civilization itself.

The Congress of the United States, regardless of party, has a responsibility and a duty to function as adults, not squabbling adolescents. The vital interests of our nation require this, even in the face of the presidential campaigning, by all involved. Purity of ideals and values are noble virtues, but reality requires seeing the big picture, not a mini-snapshot of a narrowly focused philosophy.

Compromise means just that: If both sides are mildly unhappy, then the consensus that was agreed upon is probably appropriate. It is not a perfect world, from any perspective. Our federal government has become dysfunctional.

No wonder more than 65 percent of Americans are fed-up with the political ineptitude in Washington, D. C. Congress: GROW UP! It is your duty, and your responsibility.

By Dean Gordin

Dean Gordin is a Greene County resident and guest columnist.

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