Letter to the Editor


Say yes to Issue 18


Beavercreek residents, as well as residents throughout Greene County, benefit in so many ways from Greene County Parks & Trails and its Greene County Park District.

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy the 62 miles of paved trails, hiking along a woodland trail, birding or photography along the Little Miami River or enrolling one of your children in a nature-based program … the park agency has made your life better. The Narrows Reserve, Russ Nature Reserve and Creekside Reserve, as well as the paved trail system in Beavercreek, is managed by Greene County Parks & Trails.

Today, however, the Greene County Park District needs your help to continue providing those memories to future generations.

Your park district is facing critical financial challenges with the slashing of Local Government Funds (LGFs) and has been forced to use its savings for day-to-day operations.

Issue 18 on the Nov. 3 ballot will provide a long-term financial solution for your park agency – providing funds for deferred maintenance at heavily-used parks, on-going paved trail maintenance, eradicating invasive species and day-to-day operations.

Please join me in voting yes on Issue 18 and help Keep Up Greene County Parks & Trails.

– Brian Jarvis, Beavercreek

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