My list of things to do


The other day I decided to put together a list of things I really want to do before I depart this planet we all call home.

My list doesn’t include big things like winning a million dollars in the Ohio Lottery or buying a new BMW or inventing a cure for grumpiness.

I’m going after simpler things that are more fun than serious.

Just once I’d like to dial a wrong number by mistake on my telephone and the people I call by accident are NOT at home.

See what I’m talking about? Simple is the name of my game.

Some day I want to be able to buy something that I have to put together and it is marked “so easy a child can do it” and I can actually do it.

Another thing I want to do is attend one of those January White Sales. I’ve seen plenty of ads for those sales but I’ve never been to one.

Do they sell only white things at those sales? And if they do WHAT are some of the most popular white things? Sheets? Pillow cases? Men’s undershirts?

And, hey, what if I go to a White Sale later today and I see something I like that is green?

Will I have to wait until tomorrow to get the green thing because today the store I’m shopping at is having a White Sale?

There’s one more thing I hope to do some day.

I want to offer a snappy comeback the next time I’m standing in the middle of a massive snowstorm and someone asks me “Hey, Bob, cold enough for you today?”

That’s when I want to reply “Cold enough for me? Heck no. I wish it was 45 below zero with 62-mile-an-hour winds and hailstones the size of bowling balls.”

By Bob Batz

Senior Moments

Bob Batz is an area retired long-time journalist and guest columnist. Contact Bob at [email protected].

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