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The Fairborn City Police Department is continually making significant advancements in providing a safe community to work, live and thrive. We are blessed with a fantastic Police Department led today by Chief Terry Barlow and his dedicated team. For a perspective, here is a quick look back at crime in Fairborn since January 2006 to 2013 (Source – FBI Uniform Crime Reporting for Part 1 Crimes).

Overall, crime has been reduced over the entire time period by 27.4 percent since 2006. (Note: 2014 data is due out by the FBI in October 2015.)

This is a simple comparison of 2006 to 2013:

* Murder: 2006 = 0 to 2013 = 3

* Rape: 2006 = 30 to 2013 = 14

* Robbery: 2006 = 32 to 2013 = 23

* Aggravated Assault: 2006 = 56 to 2013 = 22

* Burglary/B&E: 2006 = 216 to 2013 = 211

* Larceny/Theft: 2006 = 940 to 2013 = 690

* Motor Vehicle Theft: 2006 = 83 to 2013 = 24

* Arson: 2006 = 6 to 2013 = 3

The overall reduction in crime is primarily due to:

* Leadership and dedication. The chief and the team work extraordinarily hard, putting their lives on the line every day to serve you and your family

* Low staff turn-over. Your police know the community and many of you personally. They are part of the fabric of our City.

* Policy and procedure enforcement. Policies and procedures are strictly followed for the safety of the officers and community

* Increased staff. In January of 2015, total sworn staff was increased by three officers

* Constant training. In 2013 – 3,391 hours, 2014 – 4,397 hours

With the support of our citizens, the city has been able to hire three additional full-time officers, bringing the total to 46. This year, the department purchased four new cruisers, and other technology to enable our police to protect you using the latest techniques and technology. In order for this to happen, you have approved tax assessments on two occasions specifically dedicated to the police department.

Much has been said and commented on in social media about how bad “drug” houses, “labs,” and the surge of heroin in Fairborn. The entire Miami Valley has been affected by the overwhelming increase in heroin usage and overdose deaths caused by this illegal drug. This situation also increases our crime rate, due to the fact that these individuals commit crimes to support their drug habit of choice.

The department is now implementing a canine program and proposing nuisance abatement legislation to help combat the increased usage, possession and sales of these types of drugs in our community. The police department is going to aggressively utilize all tools at their disposal in order to reduce the drug culture of our community. We cannot do it alone! We need the assistance of our citizens to speak out and identify potential locations where suspected drug related business is taking place.

The officers of the police department will continue to provide the most effective and efficient use of police personnel to manage crime in the community, while utilizing the amount of personnel authorized and staying within the stated fiscal budget. Is the effort complete? Is there progress to made? Can we strive for excellence? We sure can. Are there pockets of crime, mainly related to drug use? Yes. Are the police actively addressing these situations to the best of their ability within the laws? Yes. Is the City Council supporting the department’s staff and efforts?

One-hundred ten percent! We are all proud of our police department and the service they provide. So, as we grow Fairborn together, the police department and city council will continue to do our very best to protect and secure our community.


By Tim Steininger

Inside Fairborn is an ongoing series of opinion pieces written by council people. Tim Steininger is a councilman and guest writer for the Fairborn Daily Herald.

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