Students recongized by FIS


Herald News Report

FAIRBORN – Multiple fourth and fifth grade students at Fairborn Intermediate School were recognized by their teachers for demonstrating accountability, respect and responsibility.

Fourth grade: Morgon Hollon, Tyler Ballance – recognized by Balogh; Daniela Fowler, Alan Phillips – recognized by Brawley; Savannah Givens, Michael Hunter – recognized by Bullard; Samantha Fergusen, Gabriel Uptegraft – recognized by Cornwell; Lexi Siegal, Jaden Smith – recognized by Fultz; Allyson Meder, Autum Spradlin – recognized by Hilty; Taylor Hall, Scott Poling – recongized by Jones; Makyla Tith, Ibrahim Gocmez – recognized by Lairson; Ava Carpenter, Zechariah Krauss – recognized by Lamb; Brooklynn Steck-Little, David Wallace – recognized by A. Osborne; Kiara Worthington-Smith, Makensie Smith – recognized by T. Osborne; Ty Gandee, Kaylee Kegley – recongized by Shanks; Lily Mount, Michael Foster – recongized by Sullivan; Kali Freeman, Dakota Mitchem – recongized by Van Hoose; Brent Grippa Risch, Jayson West – recongized by Waldo/Grippa.

Fifth grade: Marina Corbett, Chance Henry – recongized by Marina; Lindsey Botkin, Caleb Kennehan – recognized by Celock; Shannon Kirby – recongized by Coffey; Kaleb Peterson, Jasmine Enriquez – recognized by Davenport; Daniel Brandt, Madison Deer – recognized by Fitch; Erin Reichert, Jase Wilson – recongized by Henry; Connor Picarello, Ani Banks – recognized by McNier; Houston Watts, Shyla Lown – recongized by Minoughan; Scott Houser, Eva Gibson – recognized by Muhlenkamp/Higgins; Damin Langdon, Alona Hepner – recognized by Pinnix/Van Deursen; Richard Clark – recognized by Ransom; Noah Runyon, Delena Ashburn – recongized by Ross/Stiffler; Riley Brewer, Aaron Kempf – recongized by Schuler; Lilly Daniels, Ashton Fischer – recongized by Spiegel; Lydia Pace, Blake Little – recongized by Stephens; Reese Mullins, Maddison Sandrock – recongized by Yeary.

Herald News Report compiled by Whitney Vickers.

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